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Electronic Gem Therapy & The Human Assemblage Point

Electronic Gem Therapy is a truly amazing marriage of the ancient knowledge of Gem Therapy and modern electronic technology that provides rapid and effective healing, without the use of drugs and their side effects. It is a non-invasive therapy with countless applications for mental, physical and energetic health.

Electronic Gem Therapy is truly a brilliant invention, designed and engineered by Jon Whale. Also the Assemblage Point symptomatology was first researched by Jon Whale between 1990 to 1995 and published in 1996. He has changed the way many doctors and therapists view health and treatment protocols. Placing health and treatment where it belongs, allowing doctors to be really effective at healing.

Electronic Gem Therapy Instruments

Stellar Delux (& The Lux IV)

Electronic Gem Therapy is ultra-safe with
no side effects with a wide
range of applications.
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Infrared Diagnostic Bioscanner

Rapidly locate and measure
the infrared energy emissions
of a patient’s problem.
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Medical & Veterinary Health Applications With Case Examples

Medical Case Examples Page 1

Rapid & efficient treatment
with a broad scope of applications
for disease & ailments.
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Medical Case Examples Page 2

Rapidly locate and measure
the infrared energy emissions
of a patient’s problem.
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Veterinary Applications

An extremely effective treatment for
Animals even though they have no
preconceptions of outcomes.
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Email endorsements

Some incoming supportive and commendation
Emails received from Electronic
Gem Therapy practitioner.
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Alternative & Integrated Medicine Applications

Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps have
a wide spectrum of alternative &
complementery health applications.
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Chakra Therapy using the
appropriate gem stones,
colour filters & frequency.
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Profound relaxation using Gem Lamps
containing Dark Blue Sapphires.
Used for trauma, stress, anxiety, etc..
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Medical case examples on this
site are supported with
Infrared Thermographs Images.

Alternative & Integrated Medicine Applications

The human Assemblage Point location, its front entry & rear exit angle is a critical factor for mental and physical health. Its symptomatology was first researched by Jon Whale between 1990 to 1995 and published in 1996.

Low locations of the Assemblage Point are conjunctive with, for example: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic depression, post natal depression, chronic fatigue, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Whereas high right locations can be combined with chronic anxiety and panic disorders, etc..

The Assemblage Point and Health

A central location of the Assemblage
Point provides optimum mental
& physical health.
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Locating the Assemblage Point

Several methods showing how to locate
& experience yours & other
individuals Assemblage Point.
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Correcting The Assemblage Point’s Location and Entry Angle

Several methods showing how to manually
correct detrimental Assemblage
Point entry angles & locations.
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How to correct the Assemblage
Point using Electronic
Gem Therapy Lamps.
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Supporting Publications

Books by Jon Whale offering revolutionary insight into Energy Medicine & the Human Assemblage Point.

The Catalyst Of Power –
The Assemblage Point Of Man
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Naked Spirit – The Physical,
Psychological, Emotional And Spiritual Maps
For Health And Disease Including The
Assemblage Point Blueprints.
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Message From Jon Whale: The knowledge of the Assemblage Point Location and Correction procedures are of the utmost importance for World Health, for individuals and collective groups alike. The Assemblage Point is not something that the Pharmaceutical Companies and current medical practice take into account in their research and diagnostics. These people have a lot of catching up to do.

Should you email whalemedicalinc@aol.com with an enquiry, you will receive the full colour Ebook version of the above two books free by return email. However, the published printed books are more convenient for reading but the illustrations are in black and white.

Note: Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd is the only manufacturer & supplier of Electronic Gem Therapy Instruments. Entirely built in the United Kingdom and Government compliant tested and approved to EN 610 -1:2001, Supplying Internationally.

The Stellar Delux (and the Lux IV) Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps have a broad spectrum of applications that provide rapid and effective results in real time.

Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps are used by Medical Doctors and Clinics, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Sports Gymnasiums Clubs for injuries, Natural, Alternative and Integrated Health Practitioners and Clinics, Spa and Sauna Facilities, Yoga and Meditation Centers, Beauty Salons, etc.

The company also publishes in several languages Jon Whale’s books, Ebooks about the age-old gem therapy, electronic gem therapy and human Assemblage Point. Please Note: The Lux IV model is no longer available as it was superceded by the Stellar Delux model in 2006. The Lux IV is listed on these web pages for public reference purposes as previously to 2006 many were supplied internationally and are still being used today. Invented, developed and designed by Jon Whale over a period of 30 years. Electronic Gem Therapy is a Registered Trade Mark.

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