The Lux IV
Stellar Delux

Low Voltage Electronic

Gem Therapy Lamps

Stellar Delux & The Lux IV
The Lux IV
Electronic Gem Therapy is ultra-safe
with no side effects with a wide range of applications. Crystal Light Therapy.
Infrared Diagnostic Bioscanner
Infrared Diagnostic Bioscanner
Rapidly locate and measure
the energy emissions of a
patient's problem.

Aleternative Modalities
Stella Delux
Low voltage Electronic Gem Therapy
for Natural Health Clinics and
Health and Fitness Centers.

Naked Spirit
Books and published articles
by Jon Whale offering revolutionary
insight into Energy Medicine.

The Assemblage Point and Health
The Assemblage Point
The Human Assemblage Point
is the unknown factor that is
absent from current medical knowledge.
Medical Case Examples
Medical Case Examples
Electronic Gem Therapy treatment
examples by practitioners of
various disciplines.



AP Training
The position of the Assemblage Point is a pivotal force on our state of health and has a dominating effect on 'how we feel' and 'how we behave'. The Assemblage Point techniques teach us to correct the Assemblage Point location and facilitate the healing process. Discover how you can learn these powerful techniques.
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