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About Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd.

Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd, a leading edge Energy Medicine Equipment Manufacturing Company founded by Jon Whale.

The company found rapid growth following publications in the 1990’s about The Human Assemblage Point and Electronic Gem Therapy which were widely embraced by Clinics and Complementary Health Practitioners Internationally.

We have supplied the Stellar Delux (and the Lux IV) Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps and Infrared Diagnostic Bioscanners to, Medical & Alternative Clinics, Practitioners, Gym & Fitness Centers, Spa & Health Centers, Yoga Teachers, Scientific Researchers and to private clients for home and family use, for managing health and personal energy issues.

We also are foremost in promoting and teaching the knowledge and the various methods for correcting detrimental locations of the human Assemblage Point.

http://whalemedical.com website is owned and operated by Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd.

The registered address is:

Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd.
The Loft
Unit 11
Hunthay Business Park
EX13 5RJ

Company Registration Number: 4440832

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