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Electronic Gem Therapy
Using the Lux IV & Stellar Delux
for Healing – Vitality – Fitness – Beauty – Detox



Aside from health and beauty, the Stellar Delux can be used for Chakras and Acupuncture Meridians – Auras – the Assemblage Point – Ayurvedic Sciences – Higher States of Consciousness – Satori, Samadhi, Or Nirvana – Brainwave Frequencies – Super Learning – Lucid Dreaming – Physical Performance – Self – Mental and Spiritual Disciplines – Chi Energy – Pranic Energy – Kundalini, Raja and Tantra Yogas – Shamanism – Meditation – Self Hypnosis – Colour Therapy – Psychology – Environment Enhancement.

Seven Steps to Healing, Vitality, Fitness, Beauty & Detox

1. The Stellar Delux electronic gem therapy instrument controls up to three special low voltage (12 Volts) gem stone transducer lamps. Inside each lamp are three powerful lenses that focus the cool light beam.

2. The concentrated light beam passes through an electronic transducer chamber. Inside this chamber, the practitioner places the specific gems and colour filters for the work in hand. Often 20 or more gems are used in each lamp. Also a mixture of different gem types can be used.

3. The lamps are mounted on versatile sturdy tripod stands. These are adjusted so that the light beams are focussed on the specific area of the body requiring treatment. Long boom arm extensions are used that permit a wide range of adjustment.

4. The lamps are plugged into the precision Stellar Delux electronic instrument. Bright easy to read digital monitors display the frequency and intensity of the light beam.

5. The Stellar Delux can be used in the simple to use Automatic Mode whereby the practitioner selects the desired treatment by Pushing the coloured switch that corresponds to the colour of the gem stones and filter inside the lamps.

6. Alternatively, the practitioner can also choose to manually adjust the controls on the panel to set a specific frequency and output intensity. The Stellar Delux can be manually set to reproduce frequencys that are used in other devices such as Rife machines, EMEM, EMEM2, ‘Doug’ device, Rife/Bare unit, Pad type units, variable frequency Zapper devices, TENS units. As well as the natural phenomena frequencies such as Schuman’s Earth resonance, the harmonics of planets and the musical frequency spectrum.

7. Practitioners and health care workers can use the gem lamps on the acupuncture points, marma points, or meridians of the body. The gem lamps can be used to correct the Assemblage Point’s location and entry angle. The chakras can also be energized using the appropriate gemstones. This balances the patient’s vibrational rate and increases the biological energy levels. Balancing the chakras accelerates emotional, physical, and spiritual development and can lead to developing higher states of consciousness. By combining the natural healing frequencies with the gems and color filters the vibrational rate of cells, organs, or glands in the body are affected, thereby increasing the ‘pranic’ or ‘chi’ energies inherent within them. Treatment with the Stellar Delux is always extremely pleasant and effective.

“The patient’s experience is always very pleasant; regardless of their symptoms or disease, whilst receiving treatment, over 90% of patients report relief from their pain, irritations, uncomfortable or distressing feelings, emotions and symptoms.”

Two Stellar Delux Transducer Lamps on Boom Arm Extensions

(Side View)

Two Tripod Stands Supporting Three Transducer Lamps on Boom Arm Extensions

These Are the 18 Colour Filters Supplied for Use in the Gem Stone
Transducer Lamps

These Are the Precious Gem Stones Supplied for Use in the Gem
Transducer Lamps

The gem stones that are supplied with the Stellar Delux are in a Display Box with ten clear compartments.
The typical contents of the box for 3 Lamps are 24 Rubies, 24 carnelians, 18 Citrines, 24 Emeralds,
12 Yellow to Light Blue Sapphires, 18 Diamonds, 24 Blue Sapphire. 6 Cat’s Eyes, 6 Onyx.

These nine types of gem stones are the ones most used in the ancient traditional Indian, Tibetan, Middle East and European Medicines. They are all referred to for use as prescription mixtures in the Lux IV & Stellar Delux Operating and Training Handbook.

Also supplied are: 6 Amethysts, 6 Moon Stones, 6 Blue Topaz.

All gems stones are supplied as polished cabochons or faceted stones. The quantity may vary according to the size available in our stocks. The sizes can vary from between 1.0 and 5.0 carats or more. Diamonds are supplied as approximately 0.5 carat polished facets.

Some Examples of Semi-Precious Gem Stones that can
be Used in the Gem Transducer Lamps

There are many other types of semiprecious gem stones, crystals and minerals that can be used in the lamps, including gold and silver. Some examples can be seen in the photographs above. Semiprecious gem stone mixtures are not covered or used in the Lux IV & Stellar Delux Operating and Training Handbook, only the nine types of precious gem stones mentioned above. Semi-precious gems can be supplied by special order.

Stellar Delux & The Lux IV Gem Stone Display Box
(with ten clear compartments)

Electronic Gem Therapy for Meridian, Chakra and Environment Energising Lamps

Green – Filled with Emeralds and Blue Sapphires – Effective for reducing localised hyperthermia, hyperperfusion, hypermetabolism and vasodilation having a sedative, analgesic, anti-spasmodic effect [Emerald – cold, unifying, contracting, antibiotic, analgesic, relaxant, anti-spasmodic &. Sapphire -cool, tranquillising, soothing, analgesic, sedative, anti-spasmodic, anti-traumatic]

Violet – Filled with Blue Sapphires – Powerful sedative, analgesic, anti-spasmodic, (muscle and nerve relaxant) [Sapphire -cool, tranquillising, soothing, analgesic, sedative, anti-spasmodic, anti-traumatic]

Orange – Filled with Diamonds and Carnelians – Effectively reduces, vasoconstriction, hypometabolism, increases circulation and biological energy, anti-coagulant. [Carnelian – cooling, moist, harmonising, anti-allergenic & Diamond – stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, anti-depressant, anti-coagulant

Red – Filled with Rubies and Diamonds – Rapidly reduces hypothermia, vasoconstriction, hypometabolism, increasing local temperature, circulation and biological energy. [Ruby – heating, drying, energising, expanding, increasing circulation & Diamond – stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, anti-depressant, anti-coagulant].

Environmental Applications

The Stellar Delux Gem Lamps can be used to change or modulate the environmental energy. By using mixtures of gems and selecting the desired frequency, many types of environmental moods and effects can be created. The Stellar Delux Gem Lamps have sufficient power to override any geological or environmental disturbances.

For example, to energise a room with stimulating energy to all persons present, the Stellar Delux should be set within Beta brain frequency range of alertness; diamonds with an indigo filter should be used.

To create a relaxing meditative environment, lamps containing blue sapphire and a violet filter can be used at Alpha frequencies. If the Theta frequency range is used, then the environment will be even calmer and more suitable for dreaming or right brain visualisation. Diamonds can be added to the sapphire and this will create more clarity in the consciousness of those present.

Other useful examples are using the Theta and Delta range of frequencies to induce profound relaxation, sleep or dreaming. Including a small diamond in the mixture of sapphire will prevent deep sleep and the threshold of dreaming can be maintained. This is useful for lucid dreaming, rapid subliminal learning and self hypnosis.

Using the Stellar Delux to Energise Chakra, Auras and
Acupuncture Meridians

The Chakras are spinning vortices of radiating pranic or chi energy which nourish the organs and glands in the body. Each of the seven chakras has a number of segments or ducts that correlate to its rotational or vibrating frequency. According to Tibetan, Sanskrit, Ayurvedic and Tantra testimony, the chakras derive their energy from three principle nadis or subtle etheric conduits or channels inside the energy body, they are named ida, pingala and sushuma. The chakras distribute vital pranic energy to their associated organs and glands of the physical body, affecting our vitality and health but also having a profound effect on our personality and personal power. Some sensitive types of people will be able to see, or feel the energy radiating from another person’s chakras and their physical body.

The various characteristics and powers which each chakra can give us when they are open or functioning, are not all physiological or psychological. For example, intent, intuition or compassion are beyond the casual manipulations of the thinking mind. The functional efficiency of the chakras can be increased using the Stellar Delux at the correct frequency and type or mixture and quantity of gemstones used. Overactive or underactive chakras can be calmed or stimulated using the Stellar Delux Gem Lamps.

Tridosha – The Application Of Electronic Gem Therapy In Auyurveda


For millenniums and to this day, Tibetan and Indian traditional medicine men have employed powdered gemstones for the preparations of pills, elixirs and balms for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions. Until recent times, gemstone preparations were also in common use by physicians in Europe and north Africa when contemporary chemical medications became prevalent and replaced them.

Today’s medical doctors are largely unacquainted with this ancient knowledge and upon hearing about these methods will treat them with suspicion and disbelief. This is hardly surprising, since in the West, very few of the ancient prescriptive manuscripts have survived and those which do, do not convey the scientific principles, modern medical discoveries, or the scientific diagnostic methods recognised today.

Gemstones do not dissolve in water and therefore cannot be assimilated into the biological system in the same way in which drugs are. They emit energy at very high frequencies and modulate, increase or decrease the life force of living cells at the quantum energetic level. Due to the atomic matrix of gems, each of the gems’ outer surface atoms have unbonded valence electrons which cause internal electron potentials. Therefore, gemstones are many times more powerful than ordinary colour therapy lamps.

At the atomic level gemstones in the Stellar Delux Gem Lamps are electronically resonated and this increases their energy output at the precision frequency of the gem colour. When gemstones are employed together with their corresponding colour, the two are very powerful. In addition, electronically modulating and energising gemstones at chosen biological frequencies greatly amplify their energy output and effects.

17th century representation of the ‘third eye’ connection to the ‘higher worlds’ by alchemist Robert Fludd.

An ancient Tibetan schematic illustrating the seven major and ten minor Chakras. Also shown are the seven major planets and the psychic channels (Nadis) connecting to them.

Acupuncture chart from Hua Shou (AD 1340s, China Ming dynasty). This image from Shi si jing fa hui (Expression of the Fourteen Meridians). ([Tokyo] : Suharaya Heisuke kanko, Kyoho gan [1716]).

Crown Chakra

Other Name(s): Sahasrara (Sanskrit); the Gate of Brahma; the Throne of Saturn.

Position: Crown of head.

Controls: Pineal gland, The six lower chakras, Every aspect of Mind and Body.

Site of: Primary pranic energy. Meeting place of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, the three major nadis of the subtle body.

Seat of: spiritual desires and aspirations.

Attributes: knowledge, wisdom and guiding principles. Point of access for the seven higher chakras. Point of access to this and the other seven true planes of existence; other domains, matrices and Universes. Point of union of all opposite polarities.

To Activate: Visualise a star –shaped aperture (the Star of David) through which a Violet light can be perceived.

Meditation: By directing ones attention above the crown in meditation a bright blue light can be found. Here, the adept acquires strange powers and conquers our twin enemies: time and death.

Structure: Nine hundred and sixty radiant segments.

Energising colour: Violet.

Fortifying Gem: Dark blue Sapphire.

Associated planet: Saturn.

SAPPHIRE. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour violet which is also the colour of the crown chakra. Sapphire is used to open or stimulate the crown chakra when it is underactive or closed. Violet, according to Sanskrit and Ayurvedic science has healing properties and is said to be the colour of cosmic consciousness with the ability to open the doors of perception and awareness which in turn increases the power of knowledge. However, dark blue sapphire embraces a wider spectrum of effects over the colour violet, being cooling, tranquillising, soothing, analgesic, sedative and antispasmodic. Dark Blue sapphire counteracts aggravated vata and pitta and can be used safely for vata and pitta aggravated conditions. The violet energy emissions of sapphire have calming properties and counterbalances the nervous effect of excessive aggravated kapha. Some Indian documents explain that an overactive heart chakra can be calmed with dark blue sapphire. The frequency or wavelength of violet and dark blue sapphire is around 400 nanometres.

Brow Chakra

Other Names: Ajna; Third Eye;

Position: Centre of the forehead.

Controls: Pituitary gland.

Site of: Interface between the primary pranic energy of the spiritual and the physical world via the crown chakra, and the secondary pranic energies of the physical world of the lower chakras. Direct connection to the root chakra via the Ida and Pingala, these extend from the nostrils, cross at the brow chakra then descend down to the root chakra. The ida and pingala channels also connect to each of the five lower chakras.

Seat of: The centre of command.

Attributes: Reason, intuition, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudiance and other psychic abilities.

To Activate: Visualise a descending ray of blue light entering the head vertically via Crown chakra, then seeing it turn forwards to exit the forehead through the Third Eye.

Meditation: On this chakra results in the adept being released from the consequences of his actions in previous incarnations.

Structure: Ninety six radiant segments.

Energising colour: Indigo.

Fortifying Gem: White diamond.

Associated planet: Venus.

DIAMOND. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour indigo which is a cold colour and according to Sanskrit and Ayurveda is the colour of pure consciousness, having attributes which relate to the brow chakra and the opening of the ‘Third Eye’ increasing the power of intuition. When the brow chakra is active, our intuition functions are at a high level. The indigo emissions of diamond are very strong, stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, antiseptic, antidepressant. Diamond is helpful in counteracting aggravated kapha. Overuse of diamond may cause aggravation of vata and pitta in some people, it can also interfere with sleep and when correctly used can induce lucid dreaming or super alertness and agility. The frequency or wavelength of violet and diamond is 470 nanometres.

Throat Chakra

Other names: Vishuddha

Position: Throat

Controls: Thyroid gland; Respiratory organs.

Site of: Expression of our higher states consciousness, (a function of the brow and crown chakras); also all the attributes (or lack of them) generated by the four lower chakras, provided they are active or open.

Seat of: Expression of our self in all of our creative activities.

Attributes: Expression and Creativity.

To Activate: Visualise a Blue Oval Shape in the well of your throat centre of your chest. When this image is firmly established, then mentally expand its size until everyone and everything you know, this planet, even the universe is contained within it.

Meditation: the adept becomes a sage in sacred and esoteric knowledge.

Structure: sixteen radiant segments.

Energising Colour: Blue.

Fortifying Gem: Light Blue and Yellow Sapphire.

Associated Planet: Jupiter.

Alchemic element: Ether.

NB. The tone of our voice is modulated directly by the frequency and intensity of the energy contained, or available in, our other chakras. By listening to another’s voice and analysing their articulation it is entirely possible to decode the efficiency and development of their chakras.

The four lower chakras modulate our voice with the quality of:

• Earth, as the steadfastness of the root chakra,

• Water, as the amorous qualities of the spleen chakra,

• Fire, as the consuming functions of the navel chakra,

• Air, as the compassionate characteristic of the heart chakra.

None, some, or all of these aspects are expressed via the throat chakra, depending on which of the respective chakras are energised and functioning. Concentrating and decoding the frequencies and numerous modulated signals present in everyone’s voice (and also our handwriting) permits an understanding of both the individual’s abilities and limitations.

By gaining mastery over the frequencies and modulations of our voice, what we say, how and when we say it and what we refrain from saying, it is possible to modulate and energise the lower and higher chakras to a greater efficiency.

PALE BLUE & YELLOW SAPPHIRE. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour blue. This colour has properties of ether and is associated with the throat chakra. The energy emissions of this gemstone are cool, soft, satisfying, antiseptic and balances aggravated kapha. Pale yellow/white sapphire also emit blue frequencies. The frequency or wavelength of blue and pale blue sapphire is 485 nanometres.

Heart Chakra

Other Name(s): Anahata.

Position: In the centre of the chest, midway between throat and navel.

Controls: Thymus gland.

Site of: Our feelings and emotions.

Seat of: The noble qualities, Love, Compassion, Charity, Gentleness, Loyalty, Honesty, Ethics.

Attributes: Transmutes the element Air, Regulates the sense of touch and emotional feelings.

To Activate: Visualise a six-pointed Green Star, known as the Seal of Solomon in the centre of your chest. When this image is firmly established, then mentally expand its size until everyone and everything you know, this planet, even the universe is contained within it.

Meditation: The adept develops paranormal powers e.g. The ability to see and hear over great distances; to merge into and sense another persons feelings or body; Precognition.

Structure: Twelve radiant segments.

Energising Colour: Green.

Fortifying Gem: Emerald.

Associated Planet: Mercury.

Alchemic Element: Air.

NB. This chakra is not the same as the Assemblage Point, although in some rare individuals the location of their Assemblage Point maybe in the centre of their heart chakra.

EMERALD. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour green which is associated with the heart chakra. According to Ayurveda and Sanskrit transcripts, this colour has the properties of the element of Earth. It is the coldest colour and can be used for any condition where there is excessive heat generated. However the energy emissions of emerald are many times more effective than the colour green, being cold, unifying, solidifying, analgesic, also counteracting pitta and vata aggravated conditions. Due to the coldness of the rays emitted by emerald, it can aggravate kapha conditions. Overuse of emerald can aggravate pitta as the pitta dosha will increase by trying to compensate for the emerald’s cooling effects. The Indian documents explain that an overactive crown chakra can be calmed with emerald. The frequency or wavelength of green and emerald is 565 nanometres.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Other Names: Manipura. Navel.

Controls: The Adrenal glands; The Heat generated in our body; Digestion.

Site of: Accumulation of Pranic energy; Psychic Heat or Mystic Fire.

Seat of: Willpower and Intent.

Attributes: When the energy in this chakra is high: our Intent and Will operate in the physical world unimpeded; our desires materialise without effort, (as long as these are in line with the Crown and Brow chakra energies and therefore with Universal consciousness); When the energy is low, the reverse happens and we seem to trudge through life. Associated with the sense of Sight.

To activate: Visualise a Yellow Inverted Triangle in your umbilical region. When this image is firmly established, then mentally expand its size until everyone and everything you know, this planet, even the universe is contained within it.

Meditation: The adept can accumulate and discharge vast amounts of pranic energy, (as used for psychic purposes and in the martial arts); mastery over this chakra: frees the adept from all disease: fulfills secret desires; confers the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of consciousness of others.

Structure: Ten radiant segments.

Energising colour: Yellow.

Fortifying Gem: Citrine.

Associated Planet: Mars.

Alchemic Element: Fire.

NB. The energy levels of this chakra must be retained and protected. It is of paramount importance. The umbilical gap left from birth creates a natural weakness at this chakra, and through it energy is easily robbed by individuals low on the scale of emotional health.

CITRINE. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour yellow which is associated with the navel chakra. Tibetan, Indian and Ayurvedic medicine use powdered red coral for the colour yellow. However, coral is organic, does not contain a crystalline matrix like mineral gems and is unsuitable to use with electronic applications. It is also an endangered species. The substitute citrine emits powerful rays at the frequency of yellow, and is many times more powerful than coral. The effects of citrine are warming, enlivening, cleansing and can remove the effects of aggravated pitta and kapha. The frequency or wavelength of yellow and citrine is 590 nanometres.

Sacral Chakra

Other Name(s): Svadisthana.

Position: Five centimetres below the navel.

Controls: The sex glands and hormones. The sense of taste.

Site of: Our sexual centre.

Seat of: Sexual function.

Attributes: Passion and Avidity.

It contributes to the distribution of fluids throughout the body. Saliva, semen, vaginal fluids, blood and urine are all in good order when this chakra is functioning normally.

To Activate: Visualise an Orange Crescent Moon below your umbilical region. When this image is firmly established, then mentally expand its size until everyone and everything you know, this planet, even the universe is contained within it.

Meditation: The adept acquires the ability communicate with spirit entities in the astral worlds.

Structure: This chakra has six radiant segments.

Energising Colour: Orange.

Fortifying Gem: Carnelian.

Associated planet: The Moon.

Alchemic element: Water.

NB. Two days before menstruation the energy levels of this chakra in women are drained and reversed. This continues for about 3 – 5 days up until the middle of the menstruation, (and can contribute to their premenstrual tension), after which it starts to revert and re-energise normally.

CARNELIAN. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour orange. Tibetan, Indian and Ayurvedic
medicine use powdered pearl for the colour orange. According to Ayurveda, the colour orange and pearl are associated with
the spleen chakra. As with red coral above, pearl is organic, therefore the mineral carnelian is substituted for pearl. The
effects of carnelian are cooling, moist, harmonising, anti-allergic and have anti pitta properties. The frequency or wavelength of orange and carnelian is 610 nanometres.

Root Chakra

Other Name(s): Muladhara; Base chakra.

Position: Around the Coccyx, at the base of the spine.

Controls: Adrenals; Kidneys; Bladder; Spinal Column; our sense of Smell; Bones; Teeth; Nails; Solids.

Site of: Our connection to Earth.

Meeting point of Ida, Pingala, Sushumna

Seat of: Power, the mystical Kundalini. Our Survival Instincts.

Attributes: Survival and Foundation.

To Activate: Visualise a Red Square down below you. When this image is firmly established, then expand its size until everyone and everything you know, this planet, even the universe is contained on and above it.

Meditation: The adept gains mastery of desire, envy, anger and passion.

Structure: Four radiant segments.

Energising Colour: Red.

Fortifying Gem: Ruby.

Associated Planet: The Sun.

Alchemic Element: Earth.

NB. When this chakra is working or open, we are: automatically grounded; we know how to survive; we feel good in whatever situation that we are in; our feet are firmly on the ground and we are secure. When the root chakra is not functioning, then the reverse of the above is true: we are dependent on someone else for our survival; we feel insecure and nervous; We can be easily manipulated by other people. The general feeling of insecurity and mental noise is partly because the energy in the Solar Plexus chakra is dependent on the correct function of the Root chakra. Generally, the solar plexus chakra and its polarisation of the attribute ‘intent’ cannot function properly without the root chakra operating. An efficient solar plexus requires the stabilising and grounding elements of the root chakra, and also for the kundalini energy to be active.

RUBY. This gemstone emits the energy, frequency and properties of the colour red and is associated with the base chakra. It counterbalances aggravated kapha and vata. Overexposure to ruby may cause excess pitta to accumulate in certain parts of the body. Due to this, ruby is not very often used and carnelian is the preferred choice, being more moderate in its effects. Unlike the colour red, ruby should be used with caution as it is hot, drying, energising and expanding and it can be used for kapha aggravated conditions. The frequency or wavelength of red and ruby is 625 nanometres.

Expanded view of the frequency of the colour and infrared spectrum

The Assemblage Point, Kundalini and States of Consciousness

“Up from Earth’s Centre through the Seventh Gate I rose, And on the throne of Saturn sate, And many a Knot unravelled by the Road, But not the Master-Knot of Human Fate.” Omar Khayyam.

Omar Khayyam was familiar with esoteric Tibetan and Indian disciplines of Tantra, Kundalini and Raja yoga. His poem refers to leaving the physical body by the seventh gate or crown chakra, the gate of Brahma, an aperture situated at the top of the head, through which the self may leave the body. To achieve this, he had an active kundalini and a centralised Assemblage Point location.

A key factor in attaining and maintaining high states of consciousness in our daily lives is the location, entry angle and stability of our individual Assemblage Point position. This has a direct influence on the predominant operating frequencies of our brain, our state of health and the way we feel and behave.

In the average person, pranic energy oscillates up and down the ida and pingala channels, in phase with our physical breathing. The meeting place of ida, pingala and sushumna is at the base chakra where oscillating pranic energy in ida and pingala can cause stirring in the movement of the dormant kundalini energy. By deliberate and controlled breathing and other types of esoteric disciplines, the pranic energy which normally oscillates up and down the ida and pingala channels can be accumulated and forced downwards to strike the base chakra. There, the concentrated prana can arouse the kundalini energy causing it to rise up the sushumna channel and penetrate all of the six higher chakras to exit through the crown chakra, the gateway of Brahma. As the kundalini energy penetrates the higher chakras it energises them awakening or opening them, improving the health of the body and causing the energy field or aura to expand. Persons with an active kundalini are more effective in their daily lives, possessing psychic and other spiritual powers.

In order for the kundalini energy to rise up through the central spinal channel sushumna, to and through the crown chakra, the location of the Assemblage Point is critical and must be in the centre of the heart chakra. This is the only location possible if all of the chakras are to remain open and functioning correctly. Should the Assemblage Point be located too far from the centre of the heart chakra, then it is possible for the kundalini energy, if deliberately, spontaneously or accidentally stimulated, to rise up either the ida or the pingala channel, instead of sushumna. This will cause numerous types of undesirable psychological and physiological consequences.

Large deviations of the Assemblage Point location, are representative of imbalances in the Energy Body and the endocrine system. Detrimental locations and entry angles of the Assemblage Point location sustained over a long period of time may cause manifestations of physical and psychological health problems.

Persons with All Chakras Open Are Rare and Extraordinary

If one listens carefully to the tone of the voice, one can quickly learn to discriminate which predominant chakra a person is coming from: The solid, official, authoritarian voice of the base chakra; the sexual watery voice of the spleen chakra; the warm persuasive voice of the navel chakra; the sympathetic voice of the heart chakra; the duplicitous voice of the throat chakra. Persons with all chakras open are rare and extraordinary, their voice being modulated with the attributes of all of the chakras. They are wise and ethical, intuitive, expressive, compassionate, persuasive, passionate and authoritative.


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