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Assemblage Point Art by Jon Whale

Labyrinths of the Human Assemblage Point, Artist: Jon Whale. A series of five Metaphorical oil paintings on canvas, size 28 x 22 inches, framed. The paintings are entirely symbolic.

Tibetan Assemblage Point Exit [Enlightenment]

Ref: See ‘Naked Spirit – The Supernatural Odyssey by Jon Whale: Chapter Nine – Journey Out of the Body. ” The Vital Force”. Exit through the Crown Chakra versus Exit through the Navel ‘Gap’

The Two Apertures of Death

Extracts from the book entitled:
Naked Spirit- The Supernatural Odyssey by Jon Whale

TheTibetan and Buddhist scriptures, encouraged meditation on the “clear light of the void” and “enlightenment”. The version by Evans Wentz contains detailed information concerning the manipulation of an energy referred to as the “Vital Force”.

This Vital Force is the life force or energy that leaves the body at the moment of death. The Vital Force is manipulated by a priest, medicine man or shaman assisting the dying person. The contemporary versions of The Tibetan Book of The Dead promise the reader the “Holy Grail” but fail to mention the Tibetan Shamanic Death Rites and the manipulation of the dying person’s Vital Force. In such manipulation, pressure is applied to arteries around the neck and at other points. These death rights are performed as the person is dying to prevent the vital energy from traversing the median nerve and exiting through the gap below the navel. The only other exit for the vital force is the crown aperture at the top of the head. The Tibetans believe that enlightenment occurs and reincarnation is prevented when the vital force passes out through the crown aperture. Yet again, having come so close, the Holy Grail was lost although it is obvious in the work of Evens Wentz. Here it is, presented once again for further consideration.

“Thy breathing is about to cease. Thy Guru (benefactor) hath set thee face to face before the Clear Light; and now thou art about to experience in its Reality the Bardo state, wherein all things are like the void and cloudless sky, and the naked spotless intellect is like unto a transparent vacuum without circumference or centre. . .. If the person dying be disposed to sleep, or if the sleeping state advances, that should be arrested, and the arteries (on the right and left side of the throat) should be pressed gently but firmly. Thereby the vital-force will not be able to return from the median-nerve and will be sure to pass out through the Brahmanic aperture (top of the head).” (From The Tibetan Book of The Dead by W. Y. Evans-Wentz).

Human energy is finite. Regardless of the best of medicine, at the end of the day, we will all die. As yet no one has satisfactorily defined scientifically what consciousness is or its limits. The above paragraph not only discusses consciousness but relates it to the “vital force” and its importance in death. As a person approaches death, their Assemblage Point drops down towards the navel. The Assemblage Point locations of old infirm patients who are close to death, will generally always be very close to the navel line. The navel aperture is a natural hole in the human energy field that relates to the umbilical cord. For the developing foetus, the navel aperture is the source of energy and vitality, it is the source of ‘great light’. This aperture is closed shortly after birth, but there remains a weak point that stays with us for life. When death occurs, the person’s vital energy returns to the universe, it leaves their body by the same route that it entered in the beginning, that is, out through the navel aperture.

Prior to the death of the internationally famous Guru of love and peace, Osho, he was imprisoned in Oklahoma jail. When he was released he returned to India where he died a short time later. The following notes reveal some amazing details concerning his death and the process of death. These notes are copied from letters written by a close friend of Osho:

“. . . . .”Interestingly, a few weeks before Osho left his body, he told me he could see the “vibrating blue light” over his forehead”.

“He asked me to feel its powerful pulsation. He told me that if it moved over his navel it meant death. Two days later he told me it had moved to his hara or navel area. He left his body about two months later. It is felt by his medical advisors that Osho was given toxic doses of Thallium during his illegal imprisonment in Oklahoma prison.”

“Regarding Osho, there is good reason to believe he was subjected to radioactive cobalt while he was in prison in Oklahoma jail. I guess this would do something dramatic to the Assemblage Point! It could have produced the magnitude of energy needed”.

“During the last three weeks of his life he told us he was subjected to ‘sound waves’ below the audible range when in prison. The rays were being used to further weaken his body. He died three weeks later. I guess that the sound frequencies could have been ‘ELF’ frequencies used as a weapon. We will probably never know. What is of interest however, is that maybe ELF frequencies can be used to move the Assemblage Point” .

Perhaps Osho’s ‘Vital Force’ departed via his Navel Aperture.

Not only in life, but even in death, it would seem that we are given a choice. The Tibetan Book of The Dead and many other books make it clear that there is a second aperture at the top of our head. The possibilities look exciting. We have the choice to leave the body by the normal route of the average man, that is, when our Assemblage Point traverses the navel. Or we can, by using special techniques, die another type of death, perhaps the “hero’s death”, with the Assemblage Point or vital force exiting through the crown aperture at the top of the head and retain full consciousness through out our death process.

Christian Assemblage Point Exit [Male Compassion]

The Jewish Assemblage Point Exit [The Star of David]

Labyrinths of the Human Assemblage Point – #01, #02, #03 and #04 [Metaphorical]. A series of oil sketches on canvas, size 28 x 22 inches, framed. The paintings are entirely symbolic.

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