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A Book by Jon Whale


The Most Comprehensive Book About:

The Assemblage Point & Energy Medicine

The Supernatural Odyssey


Jon Whale

Naked Spirit

ISBN: 1-873483-06-6

The Physical, Psychological, Emotional And Spiritual Maps For Health And Disease Including The Assemblage Point Blueprints

The position of our Assemblage Point is a pivotal force on our state of health and has a dominating effect on ‘how we feel’ and ‘how we behave’. Consciousness extends beyond the boundaries of our physical body. By accessing the quantum biological energy fields surrounding us, it is now possible to treat physical and mental disease in radical new ways. As a stable and correctly located Assemblage Point increases health and efficiency.

Aside from the spiritual, medical and psychological benefits, the wider professional application of the Assemblage Point techniques will greatly benefit humanity. The NAKED SPIRIT, supported with 254 Illustrations, exposes the essence of the human psyche and is the Supernatural Odyssey.

This is a book for Everyone. One can see easily represented and exposed the diversity of the human soul and its spiritual expressions in society. Here, the reader can estimate one’s own position, draw conclusions and discover ways to improve the situation.

Containing the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual maps for health and disease together with the Assemblage Point Blueprints, its contents will preserve lives and generate and save more money than can currently be estimated. Aside from the benefits for personal and family life, this book has wide applications for the advancement of:

* Educational Institutions

* National Health And Paramedical Services

* Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry And Psychology

* Professional Sports Management

* Employment and Team Management

* Social Welfare And Allied Support Services

* Marriage Guidance and Relationship Counselling

* Armed Combat Personnel Rehabilitation

* Drug and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

* Prisoner Rehabilitation

* National Security, Police and Political Departments

The discovery of the human Assemblage point demonstrates to sceptics, agnostics and evolutionists, that there is more to human beings than flesh, blood and bones, with death at the end.


Introduction: By Prof. Elena Evtimova Ph.D.

Chapter 1: Atomic and Quantum: * The Ultimate Equation Of Creativity * The Electromagnetic Spectrum * The Quantum Enigma * The Body’s Atomic And Quantum Energy Field * The Human Assemblage Point * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 2: Embezzled Health: Aboriginal Medicine Men * The Shaman’s Blow * The Trigger For Prevailing Illegal Drug Issues * Nature’s Power Moderates The Human Ego * The Discovery Of The Fundamental Principle * The Assemblage Point And Our Health * The Seven Rules Of The Human Assemblage Point * Drugs Medications And Substance Dependence * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 3: The Deep Self Of Personality Types Exposed: * The Introvert And The Extrovert * The Introverted Artist * The Abstract Core Of Handwriting Analysis * Personality Profiles * The Extrovert Intuitive Type * The Introvert Intuitive Type * The Extrovert Feeling Type * The Introvert Feeling Type * The Extrovert Practical Type * The Introvert Practical Type * The Extrovert Rational Type * The Introvert Rational Type * Dangerous Locations * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 4: Seven Attributes of Power: * The Scale Of Emotional Health * Negative – 5. Apathy, Despondency, Distress, Misery, Dissolution * Negative – 4. Anxiety, Sympathy, Appeasement, Grief, Fear * Negative – 3. Covert Manipulation, Concealed Hostility, Clandestine Malevolency * Negative – 2. Anger, Aggression, Delinquency, Insurgency * Negative – 1. Rejection, Condemnation, Contempt, Criticism, Antagonism * Neutral 0.0. Indifference, Boredom, Lethargy, Passiveness * Positive + 1. Conservatism, Preservation, Moderation, Independence, Discretion * Positive + 2. Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Eagerness, Recognition, Devotion * Positive + 3. Exhilaration, Rapture, Excitement, Vitality, Ambition * Positive + 4. Euphoria, Harmony, Triumph, Abundance, Coherence * Positive + 5. Serenity, Composure, Tolerance, Dominion Confidence * Using The Scale Of Emotional Health * A Graphological Profile Of A Minus Three Female * The Making Of An Emotional Healthy Adult * The Seven Deadly Sins v. The Seven Virtues * A Map Of The Human Psyche * Energy Attribute 1, Instinct * Energy Attribute 2, Passion * Energy Attribute 3, Intent * Energy Attribute 4, Compassion * Energy Attribute 5, Expression * Energy Attribute 6, Intuition * Energy Attribute 7, Wisdom * Emotional Health v. Attribute Activity * Domains Of Consciousness * Accomplished Independence * Basic Survival * Aggravated Conformity * Overwhelming Distress * The Attributes Within Relationships * Relationships Based On Positive Levels Of Emotional Health * Relationships Based On Negative Levels Of Emotional Health * Relationships Based On Negative and Positive Levels Of Emotional Health * Dyadic And Group Power * Your Interactive Emotional Level Of Health * Emotional Levels Of Health And Assemblage Point Locations * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 5: Bioelectric Man: * Sound Pressure Waves * The Musical Frequency Spectrum * Microamps Of Consciousness * The Psychology Of Brain Frequencies * The Left brain * The Right Brain: * High Beta Brain Frequencies * Beta Brain Frequencies * Alpha Brain Frequencies * Theta Brain Frequencies * Delta Brain Frequencies * Earth’s Electromagnetic Frequencies Influence Brain Frequencies * Planetary Orbits Affect Our Brain Frequencies And Assemblage Point Locations * Bioelectronics And The Assemblage Point * Assemblage Point Locations * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 6: Finding The Assemblage Point: * Where To Look For The Assemblage Point * Feeling The Location Of The Assemblage Point * Reflex Testing * Seeing The Location * Magnetic Pendulum Locating * Confirming the Location * Bibliography, References and Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 7: Recovering the Assemblage Point: * Definitions Of Types of Assemblage Point Shifts * Realignment Aids * Realignment Using The Sliding Shift * How To Instruct Your Subject * Realignment Using Stage Shifting * Confirming The New Location * Patients’ Considerations * Youngsters And Juveniles * Future Rewarding Applications * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 8: Supernatural Man And Women: * Mystical Disciplines And The Assemblage Point * Zeus, Apollo And Hermes * The Caduceus * Crown Chakra * Brow Chakra * Throat Chakra * Heart Chakra * Solar Plexus Chakra * Sacral Chakra * Root Chakra * Persons With All Chakras Functioning Are Extraordinary * The Intrinsic Human Quest * Positive Levels Of Conscious Being * Trans Universal Consciousness. 99:1 % Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Universal Consciousness. 90:10 % Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Spiritual Consciousness. 85:15% Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Professional Consciousness. 75:25% Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Survival Consciousness. 50:50% Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Negative Levels Of Consciousness * Negative Levels: Overwhelming Distress. 15: 85% Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Negative Levels: Concentrated Persecution. 10:90% Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Negative Levels: Eternal Inferno. 1:99% Essence v. Ego Ratio. * Increasing Positive States And Reducing Negative States * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 9: Journeys Out OF The Body: * The Science Of The Death Process * The Mystery Of The Two Apertures * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

Chapter 10: The AfterLife: * Seven Heavens And Seven Hells * Seven Heavens Of Egypt * Seven Heavens Of Hindu And Buddhist Religions * Seven Heavens Of Islam * Seven Heavens Of The Early Christians * Descent And Ascent Of Christ Through The Seven Heavens * Jewish Seven Halls * Mysterious Number Seven * Seven-Headed Serpent * Seven Hells * The Spiritual Crisis Of Man * The Province Of The Mind Has No Limits * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading


Appendix I: Assemblage Point Profiles: * Clinical Depression Following Concussion * Chronic Panic Attacks * Hypertension (Stress) * Feeling Of Detachment, Anxiety And Depression * Agoraphobia And Clinical Depression * Chronic Mental Illness With Depression * Concussion Related Social And Alcohol Problems * Clinical Depression * Non Specific Central Shift * Periodic Dislocation Of The Hip * Continual Cold, Trauma, Migraines And Lack of Energy * Non Specific Central Shift * Anxiety * Dropped Assemblage Point Due To Drug Overdose * Substance Abuse * Non Specific Central Shift * Circulation Problems With Heart Palpitations * Depression And Drug And Alcohol Dependence * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up reading

Appendix II: Advanced Procedures For Correcting The Assemblage Point Location: * Case Studies Of Correcting the Assemblage Point Using The Lux IV * Canadian E-Mail Case Reports * United kingdom E-mail Case Reports (1) * E-mail Case Reports From Holland (EU). * New Zealand E-mail Case Reports * Bulgarian Case Report * UK E-mail Case Reports (2) * Archive Photographs 1995

Appendix III: Ancient And Modern Medical Use Of Gem Stones: * Correcting The Energy Of Disease And Injury

Appendix IV: Drugs and the Assemblage Point: * Prescribed Drugs * Tobacco * Alcohol * Cannabis * Recreational Drugs * Hallucinogenic Drugs * Toxins, Poisons And Pollution

Appendix V: Dowsing Energy Fields: * Chakra Dowsing * Some General Rules * Using Coins To Dowse Chakra Percentages * Pendulum Motion * Using The Electronic Dowsing Meter

Appendix VI: The Infrared Bioscanner: * Advantages In Use * Apparatus Description * High Differential Reading * Low Differential Reading * High And Low Differential Reading * One Example Of Use For Back Problems * Notes On Skeletal Alignment And Balance * Operational Notes * Using The Infrared Bioscanner To Determine The Lux IV Treatment * High Differential Recordings * Low Differential Recordings * Very Low Differential Readings * Specifications * Electromagnetic Spectrum Response * Range And Calibration Accuracy * Regional Temperature Distribution In The Human Body. * Differential Comparison Rules * Infrared Bioscanner Main Panels And Their Controls *

Appendix VII: Illustrative Published Articles: * Dynamic Radiometric Thermal Diagnostics And Dielectric Resonance Management- Procedures * The Domineering Energy Of Disease And Injury * From Stellar Exploration To Sub-Molecular Energy Medicine * The Sinister Intelligence And Power Of Disease * Back in The Saddle – The Invisible Radiations of Injuries And Their Repair * Fractured Pelvis * Fractured Collarbone * About Whale Medical’s Lux IV

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Introduction to Naked Spirit By Prof. Elena Evtimova Ph.D.

According to contemporary physics the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness (1) underlies All that is around us in the World. The Unified Field is infinite and it is endowed with Intelligence, Creativity, Wisdom and Love plus all the other qualities and attributes manifested into the Nature. The Unified Field is self- organizing, creating in its activities all the known separate fields, elementary particles, atoms, molecules, substances, planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe. All that is constant in the Universe are Changes, simply expressed as creation and decay. Among all of these are humans and living beings who, with our consciousness, have the ability to reflect holografically the full range of existing creative and destructive phenomena.

On the physical plane the human body is a formation of billions of constantly vibrating atoms. All the vibrating quantum particles entering humans and living systems create quantum energy waves which are expressed by de Broglie and Schroedinger equations for the relations between matter and its waves. These waves interact and interfere constructively thus producing a resulting quantum, surrounded by macroscopic energy fields. Hence the human energy field is a result of the interference of the energies of all oscillating quantum mechanical wave particles, atoms and cells constituting the human body. The spirit and the soul are included at the level of the Unified Field plane into elementary particles and fields: thus when the human energy field is formed by the amalgamation of their energy vibrations we have our spirit, soul and consciousness.

As Dr. Whale states, because of the fact that this is a vibrating quantum energy field it has an epicentre of the collective oscillations, this being the vortex of the human body and fields, called the Assemblage Point. This is the core of all the energy strings included in the human energy body and the location through which the threads of energy beam all our perceptions to enter the human consciousness. The human energy field is our shelter and the carrier of emotions, mental, psychic and casual vibrations, determining in a subtle way all our interactions with the world as a whole. It is not by chance that Dr. Whale takes as a model of the human energy field the Earth’s magnetic field, which has its epicentre in the Earth’s centre though the north and south magnetic poles. As this magnetic field protects life on Earth from the harmful Solar and other Cosmic rays, so our energy field protects us against some unfriendly influences from the environment. Here one can see the application and the action of Hermetic Principle ‘As above, so below’.

Since the Assemblage Point is the epicentre of the physical body and all of its human energy fields, its location and entry angle are very important for the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of all of us. As the human physical body is supplied with oxygen and other nurturing substances by the heart through the blood, so the Assemblage Point supplies us with the necessary energy for our (at least) normal functioning. In this sense one can say that the Assemblage Point is the human body’s spiritual heart. Dr. Whale’s scientific investigations through the years led to the discovery of seven principles for the Assemblage Point and many important maps for its locations connecting them with health conditions, symptoms and diseases. Now we know when a human being is in a perfect physical and mental state then the Assemblage Point is in the centre of the chest. If the position is deviated in any way from this stable central location there may appear any kind of physical or mental problems. The book contains the full information about how to find the Assemblage Point location and correct it manually or with the electronic gem lamp therapy invented and applied by Dr. Whale and other practitioners all over the world successfully for the last twenty years. In my opinion, the Assemblage Point location maps and correction methods given in this and the previous books by Dr. Whale (2) are still to be implemented for future humanity for benefiting all life spheres.

One very interesting theme in this book is the personality types qualified by their handwriting. Learning to recognise each one enables us to apply this knowledge to better understand the people around us. The most impressive and profound characterisation is of the existing spectrum of human states of consciousness. It can be found in the given Scale of Emotional Health in Chapter 4. Here, one can see perfectly represented and exposed the diversity of human soul and spiritual expressions in society. Thus one can estimate one’s own position, draw conclusions and eventually search ways to improve the situation.

For the first time in my life I have seen how the Seven Attributes of Power, Instinct, Passion, Intent, Compassion, Expression, Intuition and Wisdom are connected with the human being’s chakra system. This is done at an extraordinary and deep level of understanding.

The symmetry principle appears in all existing modes of human consciousness, as many as are above zero, the same as are below. Everything in the human psyche has its opposite pole (Hermetic principle of polarity) giving people the right to exploit the whole range of positive and negative states in order to learn how to manage them. Firstly we have to be aware of this and how to operate them which can be clearly seen on the Diagram of Emotional Health. This fundamental principle has found its expression in and being developed by Dr. Whale in the cartography of Man’s psyche of the maps in Chapter 4. The relations between different categories of people are discussed, relative to the map representative of their personalities. These relations are in closer functional dependence upon the existence or lack of existence of quantum resonance phenomena between the wave patterns emitted by the people. Important knowledge underlined in the book is that in the total Earth energy field are intrinsically present the highest attributes of consciousness. This affords the opportunity for each of us to synchronise our minds with the Earth’s natural frequencies to stay tuned to the positive states of emotional, psychological and mental levels of health. In Chapter 5, Bioelectric Man, the frequencies operating in our brain, nervous system and body are discussed in full. A substantial fact here, appears to be the interdependence between the brain frequencies and Assemblage Point location, studied in great detail.

In Chapter 9, there are cited some examples of therapeutic solutions of patient’s problems unresolved by conventional medicine, homeopathy and psychiatry before the application of new and advanced methods of electronic lamp gem therapy.

The recovering of the Assemblage Point location is a crucial circumstance for healing patients of otherwise incurred symptoms and sickness or even for the purposes of self development, rapid learning and gaining power for lucid dreaming. The three types of Assemblage Point shifts are considered in Chapter 8 giving an excellent explanation of the course of action needed to execute a movement, shift or shift in depth in order to return the Assemblage Point to a healthy position.

This is a book which breaks the monotony of one’s own life and by the knowledge received, it is possible to raise the level of consciousness of anyone reading it. This is an extraordinary book written by a man at his highest state of consciousness, ensuring the most comprehensive mind picture of Atomic and Quantum Man is committed to humanity. I am sure the book will give you new inspiration for further development of your own state of consciousness, intelligence and creativity. Let it be!

Elena Evtimova March 2005. Section of Physics, Department of Language Learning , Sofia University, 27 Kosta Lulchev Str. 1111 Sofia. Bulgaria.

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References: Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist’s Perspective, Modern Science and Vedic Science 1(1): 29 87; and Proceedings of ‘Towards a Science of Consciousness 1996’, University of Arizona, April 8 13, (1996) 2. Dr. Whale, The Catalyst Of Power – The Assemblage Point Of Man. Findhorn Press.

Preface to ‘Naked Spirit – The Supernatural Odyssey’

As I stated in my first published book entitled ‘The Catalyst of Power – The Assemblage Point of Man’, It is rare that a researcher has an opportunity to present an original contribution containing numerous major scientific and medical discoveries, based on some 30 years of work’.

My documented scientific, psychological and medical discoveries and procedures concerning the human Assemblage Point were first published in 1996 as a series of three short articles by the Positive Health Magazine. Some years later, one of the magazine editors, Dr. Sandra Goodman told me that never before or since has any article caused so much interest. My early publications, monographs and web pages have been of immense benefit and interest to thousands of professional and ordinary people around the world. The first edition of the Catalyst Of Power sold out in just over two years, the second edition is now available in ebook and paperback format and is also available in the Dutch and Bulgarian languages and will shortly be published in the Asian continent.

Since publishing the Assemblage Point information, I have received many thousands of congratulations, acknowledgements and deeds of appreciation. Today, many ethical scientists, doctors, therapists and professionals working in their fields of interest have taken up the work and employ it for the benefits of their families, patients or clients.

More importantly I have received a magnitude of feedback from others concerning the success and benefits relating to the application of the Assemblage Point knowledge. Being at the hub of the work so to speak, inevitably, we have all come a long way since my early publications. I have had privileged access to more knowledge and understanding. In this book I have corrected my earlier inaccuracies and deficiencies, extended the knowledge to expose more profound scientific, medical, psychological and emotional maps and procedures relating to the human Assemblage Point and the sacred realms of the self and its supernatural attributes.

The Supernatural is of profound interest to a large percentage of Earth’s inhabitants. A recent United Kingdom poll confirmed that fifty five percent of those adults interviewed were either directly involved or interested in the Supernatural.

All of us at some level want to be more than we think we are or what others tell us or permit us to be.

As Willam Faulkner once said: “Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

This book provides the Global models, maps, tools and follow-up references to help ourselves and those around us to know and benefit from our inherent supernatural powers and touch immortality.

Jon Whale July 2006

Now available in the Romanian language

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