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by Jon Whale

Introduction By Prof. Elena Evtimova Ph.D.


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“I think this book is about to revolutionise medicine”

“Books that claim to be about to revolutionise the world are common – I think for the first time I have just read one that is going to do that. Basically this is about a way of healing that is incredibly straight forward, has a very clear theoretical background, and seems to work stunningly well.  ………….. It would be easy without reading the book to dismiss assemblage points as another fringe health idea – but I don’t think this is so. It is certainly as valid as acupuncture, and possibly more rapidly effective. I’m very grateful to everyone involved for bringing this approach forward in a serious and well thought out way.” Tony Attwood M.Phil


1) Dear Dr. Whale, I live in British Columbia, Canada. I enjoyed reading “The Catalyst of Power” as I have an interest in non-evasive, natural and energetic healing modalities and colour and auras; therefore ideas and philosophies seem to fit nicely with mine.

2) I just finished reading the book. It is very interesting but I am not surprised at the discovery. It makes total sense. It is unfortunate that it will still take a long time until this kind of treatment is integrated at least for the average person. Dr. Whale, just like all the other pioneers, has to face so much criticism before his discoveries are accepted by the establishment, even though he can prove them.

3) This is the way people with high spirit accept your books and your great efforts. Another interesting thing about my patients whose assemblage points I have adjusted some time before. I am in contact with them to know what they feel and observe as changes in their lives. One of them (she is the moderator of that Russian school for Further Energy -informational development) said that this has activated her heart chakra so that she can emit love to any person she is in contact/conversation so she can easy communicate her goals. She is a woman with high ethics, and she is not able to misuse that!

4) My congratulations with your studies you have open the right interpretation of “Castaneda”assemblage point. I have bought your first book I was also interested to buy the book “Naked Spirit”. I am very interested in high states of consciousness and to shift the assemblage point. With my congratulation. Luigi B. Italy

5) At last I dared to do some AP shifts to some people around me! Now we expect to see the effects of this soon. A woman just in few minutes after the shift said she has entered the state of inner silence. I think this was my best ‘In Depth’ Shift!

6) I’ve just finished reading Catalyst of Power. It is without doubt one of, if not the most, amazing book regarding healing that I have ever read. I can’t wait to begin working with the assemblage point. Dennis. USA

7) Dear Dr. Whale, It is so apparent to me after having read your book THE CATALYST OF POWER, that the importance of this could not only help individuals know fine health and bliss, but truly aid mankind in its search for truth in who and what we are. Thank you, Karla P., Louisiana. USA.

8) Dear Sir, I have read your book. I am impressed by the simplicity of the ideas and the results described. I wonder if you can procure my some names and addresses of people in Belgium who practice this kind of medical therapy. Tim V. Vascular Surgeon.

9) Dear Jon Whale, I just finish your book on the Catalyst of Power. I’m very impressed with your findings and would like to learn more. Do you have anyone doing this kind of work in the US? Any information you could send me would be appreciated. Marcia K. Florida.

10) Dear Dr Whale, I have just finished reading ‘The Catalyst of Power’ and would like to congratulate you on a world changing book! I myself as an ex-molecular biologist and nurse can relate to your viewpoint. Indeed I gave up my a carrer in molecular biology because it was too commercialised, a drive to publish papers- most of which were trash. I also, as a Buddhist and concerned human being, had grave reservations about the direction of molecular biology. These seem to have been realised with the current GM backlash. I am very concerned about the activities of major drug companies and the insurance companies interested in human genome projects. ….. I have been interested in metaphysics and the scientific exploration of energy medicine for some years. …. It is very difficult to find people with a balanced view and scientific training who will approach this subject. ……. Well done with your book, I read it on my two days off, could not put it down! Yours, David B. Aberdeen. Scotland

11) Dear Dr. Whale, Thank you for your wonderful contributions so far, and may you continue to change the world for the better even more, in decades to come. I just completed “Catalyst of Power” and found it exciting and informative, but I must learn a great deal more. Although my actual formal background is organic chemistry, over the years I have become a self-taught educational psychologist, with a personal development training practice typically delivered in seminar format. ….. In conjunction with that activity I have also been avidly researching various kinds of energy therapies such as Zero Point, EMT, TFT and so forth. So far, your model of the Assemblage Point is not only the most rational, but it is the most exciting. For the first time it would appear that because of your work, we can finally produce empirical results and concrete methodology in the realm of what was until recently anyway, entirely “mystical” or metaphysical healing. Congratulations Sir: this is a wonderful accomplishment!. …. If I may say so, may God bless you in your wonderful endeavor, and when adversity strikes (as always happens when obsolete yet deeply vested interests are threatened) please know that and difficulty you encounter will be more than balanced by an ever-growing number of “silent supporters” such as myself. You shall prevail. John M. M. Applied Behavioral Sciences. California.

12) Dear Dr. Whale, I am a shamanic practitioner in Colorado, USA. While I have been training and working within the area of healing shamanism for 35 years, about 5 years ago I began working directly with realignment of the assemblage point within the auric field of some of my clients. The results have been astounding and rewarding.

I have been made aware of your work represented in The Catalyst of Power and also the information you have so generously posted to your website at as well as the articles on your work that were published in past issues of Positive Health. The information that you are courageously giving to the populace of the world is magnificent and has greatly enhanced my own work to the benefit of not only myself but my clients. We all stand in great appreciation of you. I have adapted some of the techniques I have been working with to include the recommended Tantric breathing and “fire in the belly” breathing techniques as given in eastern traditions and the techniques that you offer definitely are extremely valuable. I have studied Toltec teachings for many decades within the works of Castaneda and others. Much of what has been given seems to be inaccessible and poorly presented in ways that can make

authentic differences in people’s lives and health concerns. Thank God and thank you for dismissing what is not usable and bringing pragmatism to what might have easily been lost to this century’s healing. I also appreciate your focus upon the clinical orientation which is so important when bringing through new and profound healing techniques, such as the assemblage shifting work. I am forming workshops to give what I can of the assemblage shifting work to others and will purchase multiple copies of The Catalyst of Power to use as guidelines for the workshops. I am requesting that each of my clients obtain and read The Catalyst of Power. In addition, I have had a request from someone on America’s east coast for assemblage work, I have suggested that this person fly to England to work with you directly and they are currently formulating plans to make the trip. I will continue to watch what you bring through for all of us and feel greatly in your debt. Sincerely, C. M..

13) Dear Mrs Shaw, I am writing to say what a remarkable book The Catalyst of Power (written by Dr. Whale) is. As a qualified doctor in Chiropractic and an acupuncturist I have found Dr. Whale’s book contains a wealth of new insight and knowledge about the human disease processes. It challenges the practitioner or complimentary therapist to review their understanding of human physiology and open their minds to the existence of a human electromagnetic field and assemblage point.

The clarity of explanation of a human energy field, its affects on the mental and physical health of the patient (provided by Dr. Whale) will, I’m sure, cause many practitioners, psychiatrist and therapist to re-evaluate the impact of their treatment procedures. Any lay person or practitioner can not fail to learn from the detailed information and case studies provided in the book.

On a personal note, It has opened my eyes to the potential of improving patients health through balancing the assemblage point…… I hope many of my colleagues and those in the medical profession, will treat this text seriously and give time to studying ‘The Catalyst Of Power’. Dr. A. C. Hampshire, UK..

14) Dear Jon Whale, I have been reading your book on the assemblage point. I am very happy to read about it as it confirms some of the findings I have made over the years. I would be grateful to receive the information. I now live in California since Christmas and still uses my UK e-mail address. … I thank you for you time and congratulate for all your work. Carole B-S.


Discover how shock, stress, illness, disease, trauma, violence, rape, bullying, drugs, divorce, bereavement, toxins, pollution, legal intimidation, financial divestment, All these and many other life situations today can and do shift the Assemblage Point to detrimental locations and cause serious illness and life threatening disease. Learn the different Assemblage Point Locations associated with various physical and psychological diseases and how the endocrine system is affected. Understand how the Assemblage Point Location has a direct influence on the operational frequencies of the cells and organs of our physical body and how it affects our mental and emotional states of consciousness.

Contents and Illustration Listings, Preface, Introduction to Second Edition.

Chapter 1. The Missing Link, The Assemblage Point of Man. Contents: Diseases of the Second Body.. * Misalignment Causes Mental and Physical Health Problems. * Left and Right Sided Awareness. * Brain Frequencies and Health. * The Stress of the Shift to the Right. * The Dangers of the Shift Below. * The Trap of the Shift to the Left. * The Missing Link to the Limitations of Western Medicine.

Chapter 2. The Key to the Paradoxes of Life. Contents: The Search for Enlightenment. * Abnormal Locations of the Assemblage Point. * The Two Apertures of Death. * Carlos Castaneda and The Assemblage Point. * Left and Right Brain Realities. * The Nuisance of Tunnel Realities. * The Urgency for Assemblage Point Therapy.

Chapter 3. The Hazards of Drugs, Toxins, Poisons and Brainwashing. Contents: Prescribed Drugs. * Tobacco. * Alcohol. * Cannabis. * Recreational Drugs. * Hallucinogenic Drugs. * Toxins, Poisons and Pollution. * Brainwashing, Violence and Intimidation. * Patients, Rules for Practitioners.

Chapter 4. Locating and Experiencing the Assemblage Point. Contents: Characteristics of the Assemblage Point. * Where to Look for the Assemblage Point. * Finding the Location of the Assemblage Point. * Finding the Assemblage Point by Muscle Testing. * Locating the Assemblage Point using Biofeedback. * Seeing the Assemblage Point Location. * Confirming the Location. * Patients Considerations. * Shadows and Splits. * Infants and Children. * The Frequency of Health.

Chapter 5. Correcting the Assemblage Point for Health. Contents: Accelerating Personal Development. * The Shamans Blow. * Shifting Tools. * The Sliding Shift. * How to Instruct Your Subject or Patient. * Clinical Shifting. * Confirming the New Location. * The Period Between Assemblage Point Shifts. * Who Can and Cannot Shift Assemblage Points. * Stick to the Procedures and Rules. * Contraindications and Limitations. * Shifting the Assemblage Point with Energy Medicine.

Chapter 6. The Electronic Doctor. Contents: The Ancient Origins of Energy Medicine. * The Medical Power of Precious Gems. * Powdered Gem Medicines of Tibet. * Gems Are Reservoirs of Pure Radiating Energy. * Natural Crystals or Polished Gem Stones?. * Natural Healing Frequencies. * European, Indian and Tibetan Prescriptions. * The Gem Stone Colour Code and Mixtures.

Chapter 7. Rehabilitating The Frequencies and Energies of Serious Disease. Contents: Electronic Medicine. * To manage – Target the Source of the Patients Disease. * Acute and Chronic Pain. * Emotional Shock and Exhaustion. * Nervous Disorders. * Skin Diseases. * Viral and Bacterial Infections. * Asthma and Allergies. * Accidents and Injuries. * Muscular and Skeletal Problems. * The Future for Cancers and Degenerative Diseases.

Epilogue, Postscript , Appendixes, & Index. Contents: Misrepresentations of the Assemblage Point. * Misrepresentations of Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy.(1st edition) * Appendix I. Assemblage Point Treatment and Record Forms. * Medical Analysis and Treatment Record Form. * Assemblage Point Correction Record Forms. * Appendix II. Assemblage Point Shifting Crystals. * * How to Construct an Assemblage Point Shifter. * Appendix III. The Background and Development of Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy. * Hand held Instruments. * Caduceus Lux II and III. * The Electronic Caduceus. * Caduceus Lux III Specifications. * Appendix IV. Compromising Patient’s Health for Profit. * Check List For Patients. * Check List For Therapists. * Deceptions, Exploitations and Pretenses. * Appendix V. Scientific Validation of the Assemblage Point and Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy. * The Placebo Trial. * The Assemblage Point Acid Test. * Schematic Diagram of the Apparatus used by the Physicist to Confirm the Location of the Assemblage Point. * Appendix VI. Science ” The Concluding Resolution. * The Enigma of Life’s Vitality. * The Quantum of Healing. * The Secret Behind the Success. * Dangers Caused to the Progress of Science by Misinformation. * Bibliography. * Index.

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Translated and Amended By

Professor Elena Evtimova

Dear readers you are at hand to meet the book of an unusual man, who has dedicated all his conscious life, his personality and his essence to study and to carry trough the knowledge of the truth about the kern of the human consciousness. D-r Jon Whale is who managed to unify the ancient clairvoyant’s knowledge of the assemblage point and its role for the state completeness and well-being of the man with the contemporary scientific achievements and technologies.

I am sure that anyone who has read Carlos Castaneda’s books always has wondered what the assemblage point is and what kind of shifts are that his benefactor don Juan made, so that his apprentice Carlos entered in altered states of consciousness, in which his perceptions broaden many times their spectrum, intensity and clarity. The Catalyst is the book, where you shall find the strict and scientific explanation of all these mysteries. The man’s assemblage point, existing from the beginning of the humanity, in reality now receives that attention it deserves as an epicenter of the physical and the energy bodies of the human being. It is the leading principle that determines the condition of our physical, emotional and psychological prosperity, in the case it is on the correct, centered and stable location. Depending on the assemblage point shifts from its centered location are ours failures as on the physical so on the emotional, psychological and even to the soul and spiritual levels.

This book is a confirmation of the well known fact that all what is of genius is simple and clear, after the discovery has been done. Due to his searchings and efforts through the years D-r Jon Whale has created a map of the assemblage point locations (see fig. 1.5) of the man. From the map one can see explicitly how the assemblage point locations are connected with our physical, emotional and psychological health, way of thinking and perception of the world. The map is an inestimable assistant in the realization the role and importance of that missing link in the recent day’s science, thanks to what the contemporary humans could achieve an expression of their full and creative potential as physical and creature of awareness.

D-r Whale’s investigations manifest how the human consciousness could benefit elasticity and how armed with the basic knowledge about the assemblage point one could attain widening of the range of right actions for the one’s own welfare and for the welfare of the group and the world. The AP location regulation and the manipulation of the perception energy beam entry angle is a methodology by means of which one can find physical, emotional and psychic health. It also gives us the possibility to gain energy and power and through these to achieve inner wisdom, love, expression freedom and collaboration with the naturally implanted potential capabilities into the human being. It turns out to be one of the ways to the many planes and fields of prosperity into the human existence. It is a way of fulfillment our true life desires, a way that suggests the opportunity to gain and save power during the interactions with the environment, instead of depleting ourselves and the world around us. If our assemblage point at the central position and our perception energy beam is horizontal then this is the state that enables us to choose such modes of acquisition material goods which do not enter into contradiction with the others. Regulating the assemblage point location and the perception energy beam we can achieve harmony and consonance between our interests and those of the World, so that it would not oppose but will cooperate to us. Then we can feel joy and happiness, and success, and satisfaction and pleroma of the life since we have chosen the right path.

I shall allow myself to make an extract from the lately announced Toltec teachings existing after Theun Mares since 18 million years on the Earth. This knowledge, represented in front of the public at first by Carlos Castaneda and later by many others, is concerned mainly with the essence of the human energy body and the ways of its interactions with the Universe. According to these teachings and their Truths of Awareness everything into the Universe is built up from an infinite number of energy fields resembling vibrating threads of light. On the language of physics it can be said that these are the Strings of the Universe, which have their own wave form (function) and they are ruled by the corresponding equations into a multidimensional space.

As the man is a small part of the Universe, one can say that the human energy body is constituted of certain composition of such threads. Its form is ellipsoidal (egg-shaped) and in some rare cases it can be spherical. The illustration on fig. 1.1 inside the text of the book shows how the human energy body looks like. The energy threads building our energy body have vibration frequencies that are characteristic for the human energy bundle. ‘The height of this egg is equal to the length of a man’s body with his arms fully extended above his head on the vertical axis, and its width is that of a man with his arms extended outwards from the centre of his body along the horizontal axis. This egg is known as the cocoon of man. This name probably takes its origin from the idea that our physical body is surrounded and protected from the energy one like the silkworm by its cocoon. In other words, there is around each living being a surrounding vibrational energy field. It consists of the well known electromagnetic and quantum fields and besides there are components that are to be discovered by the future science. This egg-shaped energy field carries and also characterizes our individual consciousness which distinguishes us from the other and the world as a whole. The notion that is often met in the literature, namely the human aura means mainly the electromagnetic part of the human energy cocoon.

In its ideal mode the human energy body is subjected to the symmetry principle, i.e. it has to be symmetric towards the central energy meridian passing by our spinal column. Through the energy beam entering the assemblage point any human being is able potentially and actually to align the energy threads inside the cocoon with different energy threads outside it and in this way to establish any resonant state with a variety of energy-informational structures of the Universe.

It is important to know that there exists a specific cohesion force among all the energy threads that welds them together and does not allow to be divided. As independent structure the energy strings of the human cocoon have a specific epicenter around that they are consolidated. The mutual center of all human vibrations is the Assemblage Point. The Assemblage Point is that energy sphere through which pass all the energy threads of the human awareness perceptions. If one can see it, it looks like a bright sphere 1-2 cm in diameter located for a normal healthy man at the level of the shoulder blades.

As a result of his expert practice Dr Whale has come to the next basic rules valid for the Assemblage Point. During the time they have been confirmed by many other investigators and practitioners as in England so in many other places over the world.

1. At the physical, emotional, atomic and quantum levels, a human being is an independent oscillating energy field. All oscillating energy fields, by virtue of the fact that they are oscillating, must have an epicentre or vortex of the rotation. The epicentre of the human energy field is called the Assemblage Point.

2. The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point with respect to the physical body dictates the shape and distribution of the human energy field.

3. The shape and distribution of the human energy field are directly proportional to the biological energy and activity of the organs and glands in the physical body, also to the quality of the emotional energy.

4. The biological activity of the organs and glands determines the position of the Assemblage Point, and thus the shape and distribution of biological energy throughout the physical body.

5. The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point has a direct influence over the biological activity of all of the organs and glands including the brain and these have a direct influence on the location of the Assemblage Point.

6. The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point regulates how we feel and behave. Disease also dictates the Assemblage Point location and entry angle.

7. The way we feel and the manner in which we behave; our state of health or disease and our ability to recover is reflected in the location and entry angle of our Assemblage Point.

Into Dr Whale’s book you will find yet much important information concerning the stages and the development of the human consciousness, the functioning and the chains of the left and right brain hemispheres, the role of the energy centers ruling our blood circulation such as the liver and the spleen for the health and how the disturbances in their functioning are the cause for some incurable by the conventional medicine symptoms and disorders. Here one can find clear explanation of the significance of the different brain wave types, their frequencies and the most important – the fact that they are inextricably bound up with the assemblage point location. A very essential point into the book is the clarifying the connection between the assemblage point state and position and such obnoxious disease as schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Also you will acquire a concept about the real value of the precious stones (gems), their healing properties and the ways they can be applied for medical treatment. It can be said that the mystery and the real power of gems has been revealed and also is established a new beginning of their present exploration for people’s benefit. Using the contemporary scientific achievements and technology Dr Jon Whale invented and applied the electronic gem lamp therapy and gem lamp chakra energizers. These new technologies have been in use for years in England and many other countries. This type of therapy is based on the principle of deleting the parasitic and stressful programs implanted into the cells by the incidents in our lives and replacing them with new and healthy programs at the same level. The electronic gem lamp therapy creates synchronization conditions for all inner body health regulation mechanisms, and often after its application there is no need of any further drug or supportive therapies. Through the cited many cases from the Dr Whale’s clinical practice one can see how effective is the electronic gem lamp therapy in such traditionally regarded as incurable complaints as psoriasis and eczema, myalgic encephomyelitis, asthma and many types of allergies. With the help of the electronic gem lamp therapy it is possible to balance the human being in case of iatrogenic disease that is a disease which is a consequence of a former medication treatment. All that is possible due to the fact that through this type of energy influence over the patient’s chakras, organs, glands and systems in reality a reversion of the assemblage point central location is accomplished. This position is the most favourable for the human health and psychological stability. When that is done one has the freedom to develop him/her by the natural and society laws. For now I do not know something to be more beneficial about a common man! Sofia, July 2005 Elena Evtimova.

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