Brain Frequencies & States of Consciousness

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(Physical, Emotional, Phsychological & Spiritual States)

Our brainwave frequencies partly determine how we feel and behave. The Stellar Delux Gem Lamps can be used to modulate the frequency of our brain rhythms and can change our state of consciousness – how we feel and how we behave. The type or mixture, the quantity of gemstones and the colour filter used in the Stellar Delux Gem Lamps is important.

Brain frequencies and their related states of consciousness have been extensively researched and established by scientists.
High brain frequencies are associated with hypertension, stress, increased heart rate and high blood pressure. They can increase blood flow to the muscles along with increased muscle tension, oxygen consumption and cortisone production.

Low brain frequencies reduces blood flow to the skin and organs. Low brain frequencies induce relaxation or hypotension and can reduce the heart rate and blood pressure. Low brain frequencies reduce the blood flow to muscles and reduce muscle tension, oxygen consumption, cortisone and glucose consumption, increasing blood flow to the skin and organs.

The researchers used an electronic recording instrument called an electroencephalogram or EEG machine to monitor the subjects’ brainwave activities and frequencies. The electroencephalogram is connected to numerous points around the skull with electrodes. These electrodes are connected to the recorder by wires in much the same way as a doctor’s electrocardiogram or ECG monitor used to monitor the electrical signals of the heart. These researchers established that when performing mental tasks, such as mathematics, sitting examinations or worrying, the left brain was very much more active than the right brain and the brain frequencies were much higher than when the subject was relaxed. Conversely, they established that when a subject was engaged in activities such as art or music the right brain was more active and the frequencies were much slower. In sleep they established that the frequencies were very slow and, when dreaming, the frequencies were midway between sleep and being relaxed. Future researchers will confirm the following commentaries concerning the location of the Assemblage Point and the related predominant or chronic brain operating frequencies.

High Beta Brain Frequencies

When brainwave frequencies are above 25 cycles per second, the self is in a hypertensive or hyperactive state, often accompanied with anxiety, panic, anger or rage and possibly psychosis. These states are dangerous to the self and others and should be calmed down to the lower Beta or Alpha range. This range if sustained for long periods, can be dangerous for our health and may cause permanent physical damage for example to the heart muscles.

Beta Brain Frequencies

When the brainwave frequencies are in the lower Beta range of between 14 and 25 cycles per second, the attention of the self is focussed on external affairs and extrovert activities. As the brainwave frequencies approach the upper Beta range, the introvert awareness guidance benefits of rational thinking are attenuated and behaviour is less controlled and the self becomes hypertensive and hyperactive.

Alpha Brain Frequencies

When the brain frequencies are in the Alpha range of between 7.8 and 14 cycles per second the self and attention focuses on both internal and external affairs. The slower frequencies of 7.8 cycles per second are conducive to the advancement of the skills of introvert activities such as meditation, telepathy, intuitive awareness and the spiritual states of consciousness. The higher Theta range of up to 14 cycles per second is beneficial for effective and relaxed interaction with others as our extrovert activities are controlled by our introvert thinking. This range of frequencies is often referred to as the meditation frequencies. Meditation lowers brain frequencies from the stressful Beta range and can for some people with a predisposition for symptoms associated with high Beta waves, resolve their problems.

Theta Brain Frequencies

When the brainwave frequency speed slows to three cycles per second the self becomes absorbed in dreaming or even three-dimensional spatial visions. Theta brain wave frequencies of between 3.2 and 7.8 cycles per second are the gateway to higher states of consciousness. They are associated with special or non ordinary states of consciousness such as trance, self hypnosis, subliminal super learning, astral and time travel, lucid dreaming, channelling and clairvoyance. As already mentioned 7.5 Hz is the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmospheric cavity.

Hypnosis is a method of inducing Theta states of consciousness where the brain is susceptible to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist. In these states of consciousness emotional and physical pain are substantially reduced. Indeed, one may even feel that the body has disappeared or one has left the constraints of the physical body and moved into an ‘out of the body’ experience or into an astral plane of consciousness.

The shamanic traditional method to enter trance Theta states is to use drums and rattles at around 210 beats per minute equivalent to 3.5 Hz. The low frequencies of the drum induces the trance state, while the much higher rhythmic frequency of the rattles maintains a state of heightened alertness. When the shaman enters his trance, he drops to the floor and then is able to communicate with the spirit worlds.

Delta Brain Frequencies

With long slow brainwave frequencies of between 0.1 and 3.2 cycles per second, the self can be conscious and remember being profoundly asleep. The slower frequencies of one cycle every five or ten seconds are accompanied with deep sleep, but as the brain waves become faster and approach a speed of three cycles per second, the self becomes less conscious of sleeping and may even be aware of dreaming. For the average person, this is generally the state of unconsciousness, deep sleep, anaesthesia and coma, where there is an absence of feelings or pain and yet we can somehow remember having a good night’s sleep. The state of unconsciousness is the condition of consciousness observing sleep.

Brain Frequencies and the Atomic and Quantum Self

The body’s network of nerves transmit modulations of the brain frequencies to every part of the body. When the mind is stressed or relaxed, the physical body follows in sympathy. The nervous system is a finely tuned feedback loop system. In situations where the physical body is stressed by illness or injury then the brain frequencies will mirror the body’s condition and we experience a corresponding mental and emotional discomfort. Conversely, when we are experienceing favourable brain frequency activity, we will also experience the corresponding pleasurable physical and emotional feelings. Either way, the energy at the atomic and quantum levels are modulated with the brain frequencies, or the atomic and quantum energy is modulating the brain frequencies. In turn the frequencies that permeate our body will modulate our energy field transmissions.

The location of the Assemblage Point affects the predominant brain frequencies and at the same time, the predominant brain frequencies will influence the location of the Assemblage Point.

1. Assemblage Point locations on the right side of the body can be uncomfortable and distressing. They induce and are associated with an increase in left brain activity and Beta brain frequencies, with a preoccupation with extrovert attention and compulsive activities. This is often accompanied by higher blood pressure, heart rate and adrenaline levels and excessive physical and nervous energy.

2. Conversely, Assemblage Point locations on the left body side induce and are associated with an increase in right brain activity and Theta brain frequencies, with a preoccupation with introvert attention and little or no physical activities. This can be accompanied with lower blood pressure, heart rate and increased levels of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer.

3. Central Assemblage Point locations are very beneficial for health, professional, personal and social development. They induce balanced brain and bodily activities and Alpha brain frequencies, with relaxed and balanced internal and external attention. This is accompanied by normal blood pressure, heart rate and balanced bodily functions.

4. Low Assemblage Point locations and depressed Z axis entry angles are very dangerous to health. They induce and are associated with low frontal and upper brain energy and low Alpha and Theta brain frequencies together at times with overcompensation by high beta frequency activity. When the Assemblage Point is on the right side, the symptoms are physical and mental depression. When the Assemblage Point location is low on the left side, it is associated with catatonic symptoms and coma. The blood pressure and heart rate will be slow and weak and the muscle tension will be low.

5. High locations on the right side with right side Z axis entry angles (depressed, neutral or elevated) are dangerous to health and society. They reflect in an increase in frontal and left brain energy and excessively high Beta brain frequencies. When the Assemblage Point is high on the far right, it induces desperate extrovert psychotic behaviour with increased left brain activity. Persons that have this location are extremely dangerous and unpredictable, they will do literally anything to relieve their situation – acts of violence, murder, rape, road rage or substance abuse. When it is high on the far left, introvert psychotic behaviour is experienced with increased right brain activity.

The Assemblage Point Location and its angle of alignment affects the state of the patient’s consciousness and the way their internal organs function. Where pathological disease or damage is not involved, manually shifting the Assemblage Point is the fast way back to normality, high biological energy and improved mental and physical health. Realignment should be done as soon as possible after the incident that caused the misalignment, to reduce the possibility of physical damage and disease manifesting because of long term imbalances in biological energy distribution.

Even with patients who have been sick for a long time, realignment can make a significant contribution to their recovery, even if disease or physical damage is prevailing. Where detrimental Assemblage Point locations are associated with, or are perhaps due to the presence of exposure to, electromagnetic and electrostatic fields, environmental pollution, toxins in the patient’s body, or there is physical damage, infection or malfunctions of one or more of the body’s organs, these problems should be addressed.

Natural Brainwave Frequencies used with the Stellar Delux & the Lux IV Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps

Delta = 0.1 – 3.2 Hz. Profound relaxation, reduction of pain and emotional distress, sleep.
Theta = 3.2 – 7.8 Hz. Dreaming, trance, rapid learning, self hypnosis, altered states.
Alpha = 7.8 – 14 Hz. Relaxing, meditation, balancing, healing, feeling, assimilating.
Beta = 14 – 30 Hz. Invigorating, stimulating, energising, intensifying, conceptualising.

Levels of Consciousnes

The Stellar Delux Gem Lamps can be used to advance the self development of our personal and professional achievements and access to the higher states of consciousness such as Satori, Samadhi and Nirvana. The positive and negative states of consciousness are mapped as follows: –

Chronic negative experiences are detrimental to health and prosperity, whereas positive states are beneficial. With good personal management of our Assemblage Point location together with control of our brain frequencies, we can avoid the negative states and at the same time advance our personal and professional achievements, or provide access to the higher states of consciousness. The numerous possible negative and positive conscious states of existence that can be experienced, together with the brain frequencies and the Assemblage Point locations are combined and mapped as follows:

Trans Universal Consciousness. 99:1 % Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is in complete fusion or union with Universal Consciousness. An eternal infinite state of existence outside of the human body, a fully conscious state where the self is absorbed in a vast and timeless space and where intense sustaining currents of energy flow (chi, prana) continuously. The self is dissolved in timeless consciousness and is conciliatory to universal law and cosmic energy; it is a thin film of consciousness, linked to all of the other entities existing at this level, all with their backs to the void enclosing all of the known universes, converting the void, creating the energy to sustain the universe. The self is only 1% ego and 99% essence. The brain frequency range is Delta & Theta, between 0.1 and 7.8 Hz. Consciousness functions: Automatic, self operating, instinctive, involuntary. The energy, vital force or kundalini energy is positioned in the Ma*h, the spiritual centre above the head, the crown chakra. Abnormal energy levels will be present and the Assemblage Point location may be some distance away from the surface of the body.

Universal Consciousness. 90:10 % Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is engaged in astral or time travel to or in other domains, realities, matrixes or universes. A point source of consciousness, energy, light and love. Interacting with or witnessing other spiritual entities in time. Travelling clairaudience, clairvoyance, channelling or lucid dreaming. The self is only 10% ego and 90% essence. The brain frequency range is Theta, between 3.2 and 7.8 Hz. Consciousness functions: Dreaming, trance, rapid learning, self hypnosis, altered states. The kundalini energy is positioned in the Path, the mental centre in the head, the brow chakra. The Assemblage Point location may be off or away from the surface of the body or it may drift to the left side of the chest.

Spiritual Consciousness. 85:15% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self experiences a very high blissful state in the body and down on the Earth. A state where ones body receives current or waves of cosmic energy and the self is in tune with the universal transmission of cosmic love, cosmic energy, divine grace, chi, prana, wisdom, knowledge and power. Heightened bodily awareness where the self is connected with nature and earth spirits, the reception and transmission of Nirvana and Baraka. The highest function of bodily and Earth side functioning and consciousness. The self is only 15% ego and 85% essence. The brain frequencies is in the Alpha range, between 7.8 and 14 Hz. Consciousness functions: Relaxing, meditation, balancing, healing and feeling. The kundalini energy is positioned in the Oth, the emotional centre in the chest or the heart chakra.The Assemblage Point location will be in the centre of the chest or heart chakra and may be just a few centimetres in front of the heart chakra.

Professional Consciousness. 75:25% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is absorbed and preoccupied with pleasurable activities to do with ones profession, work, relationships, sports, hobbies and other physical, mental, intellectual or metaphysical interests. The self is doing what it knows how to do and likes to do best. High state of humour and ethical principles. The self is 25 % ego and 75% essence. The brain frequency range used is Beta, between 14 and 21 Hz. Consciousness functions: Invigorating, exhilarating, thrilling, stimulating and rewarding. The kundalini energy is positioned in the Kath centre, in the belly, the navel chakra. The Assemblage Point location will be slightly on the right side close or in the centre of the chest.

Survival Consciousness. 50:50% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

At a slightly lower level, the self is engaged in learning, absorbing and or transmitting data, skills and information, working on a demanding task or project requiring the acquisition of new data and skills. Teaching and training other individuals new skills. The self is sensitive about maintaining good ethics, self discipline, principles and craftsmanship. The self is 50% ego and 50% essence. The brain frequency range used is Beta, between 21 and 25 Hz. Consciousness functions: Conceptualising, assimilating, integrating, concentrating. The kundalini energy is positioned in the base chakra, on the earth. The Assemblage Point will be in the average male or female position.

Negative Levels 25:75% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is functioning in a negative depressive state, doing routine chores, working, existing, but in a state of emotional distress, fear, pain, guilt, anger, anxiety, fatigue or distress. If a person is habitually in this state, then the Assemblage Point location and entry angle may be incorrectly positioned and misaligned and is inclined to be in a low right side location.

Negative Levels 15: 85% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is in an extreme negative state. It is locked into the body that is overwhelmed with emotional or physical pain, fatigue and malaise. The distress is at such a high level that it is impossible to work or concentrate on any external affairs or attend to normal duties or daily tasks. Here again, should this state be sustained for a lengthy time, the Assemblage Point may be in a detrimental low location.

Negative Levels 10:90% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is in a desperate negative state. The self is compressed to a small point, everything is meaningless and life is pointless. A state of ultimate fear, paranoia, neurosis where suicide seems to be the only option for escape. Any length of time spent in this state may cause the Assemblage Point to drop to a low location. Also, low locations of the Assemblage Point caused by any previous traumatic incident can precipitate this state of consciousness.

Negative Levels 1:99% Essence v. Ego Ratio.

The self is trapped in a universe of the quintessence of evil and the deepest of hells from which there is no escape. The self is completely meaningless and is fused with other malevolent entities in the universe that are sinister or diabolically satanical. One is incarcerated there for eternity. Here again, any length of time spent in this state may precipitate a very low Assemblage Point location and low locations can precipitate this state of consciousness.

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