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Treatment Examples by Practitioners of Various Disciplines
Fractured Pelvis – Horse Riding Accident

Infra red image of V.S’s back before any treatment.

The treatment with red and green lamps.

The Infrared scan results two weeks later.

Ms V.S. On 16th August 2002 I hacked out with my riding instructor across some common land near our Livery Yard. We were just preparing for a lively canter when my horse bucked and after a swift argument I fell to the ground with a thud . My 50 year old bones were reluctant to resume a vertical position and it quickly became clear that I had sustained an injury. I eventually clambered back on, returned to the yard then straight home to bed.

The doctor shook his head, muttering, Broken pelvis – complete rest and X-ray immediately. Three weeks later I was walking like a geriatric and still in some considerable pain. Having finished the pain killers and reluctant to take any more I was sent to physio at the local hospital slowly convinced that because of my age and the injury I would just have to live with it! I was so stiff! Some three months later I was told by a friend of some treatment involving special gem lamps which may help. Prepared to try anything once, off I went full of cold and flu not really convinced but I was told that it was painless – pleasant even!

The first treatment was to the area of impact on my right buttock and the pelvic fracture with two analgesic violet lamps to erase the pain and trauma and relax the related muscle groups. This was followed by treatment with an orange lamp direct on my spleen for my flu, bronchitis, sinus problems and to combat my exhaustion. This treatment left me warm but relaxed and returning home I slept for about ten hours. The following day I had to admit the soreness had eased a little and the flu was abating. I returned for another treatment the following week, reported how I had felt and settled down for the second session – well, unbelievable was not an exaggeration. I had green lamp treatment on my middle back and a red lamp simultaneously on my lower back and within a few minutes felt a rather odd sensation from the tops of my legs to my knees. Scans were taken before and after treatment so I could see what was actually happening. I am very, very impressed. Easier than physiotherapy, safer than painkillers and what a result! I finally got back into the saddle on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a gentle hack and I am sure a lively canter is not far away.

V.S.’s case illustrates how different areas of energy are treated. Note the well defined differential high/low energy trauma line on the first infrared back scan. Just below this line is the cold painful area. Perhaps at the time of the fall and injury, the body deliberately created an energy flow constriction to attenuate the pain and shock and, three months on, the trauma was still held in cellular and muscular memory, causing the lower back pain and physical exhaustion. Violet sapphire lamps within minutes of being applied to injury will dramatically reduce pain. The upper red high temperature part of V’s back was treated with cooling emerald and analgesic sapphire lamps (green). Whilst at the same time the lower green cold painful area of her back was treated with warm ruby, combined with analgesic sapphire lamps (red). This combination of push-pull management is very potent and can almost be guaranteed to produce effective and lasting results.

Please Note: Some of the lamps and scanning instruments shown in various photographs on this web page are of very early prototype research & development instrument models taken 20 years or more back and are not of our current production models.

Infra-red scanning psoriasis reveals biological activity of + 4.0 o C. higher than unaffected skin

Treating psoriasis lowers biological activity down to only + 0.8 o C. higher than unaffected skin -with just a single treatment.

This set of photographs illustrate the safe effectiveness of Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy for chronic contact eczema. Modified versions of this treatment are equally effective in the treatment of other skin diseases including infected skin conditions.

The baby’s mother reported that the eczema, which had originated near her right eye after receiving antibiotic eye drops, had spread all over her body. She had a “sticky eye” condition. Mother and baby had stayed in hospital for 3 months while the baby underwent various unsuccessful therapies during which her mother reported she became increasingly distressed. Her hands and arms were bound and restrained to stop her from scratching away her remaining skin. Other physical symptoms were swollen thyroid and glands, as well as elimination abnormalities which included green coloured faeces. Her general behaviour was extremely distressing and volatile. She received a short, mild treatment with Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy to establish her response.

At the second visit, there was a 15% general improvement in her condition following a full 20 minute treatment to her skin and liver area during which the baby became increasingly exuberant. At the third visit, there was a 50% improvement in her condition following the second treatment, with new healthy skin growth establishing more ground. The eczema was contracting back towards the original point of contact, her right eye. Her mother reported she had more energy than usual after her previous treatment. At the fourth visit, there was a 90% improvement in the baby’s condition, including her affected eye.

(Diseases such as the various types of psoriasis and eczema, rosaceae, shingles, herpes, dermatitis, acne, warts, verruca, varicose ulcers, scar tissue insect bites and many others, in most cases respond rapidly to treatment from the lamps.)

Nail Fold – Nail Infection, Bacterial (Paronychia)

Acute paronychia appears as redness, warmth, tenderness, and swelling along the edge of the nail. Acute paronychia may occur at any age but is particularly common in children. This infant’s GP prescribed antibiotics but they were not administered by the parents. Instead the infection was treated by electronic gem therapy while the baby was sleeping.


Date: 10/05/2013 11:37:49 GMT Daylight Time
From: xxxx
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Hi Jon,
My 80 year old Shingles patient, just phoned me, he had his eyes tested. He was given an OK by his Eye Specialist, with a form to re-apply for his driver’s license!
The man is over the moon! His Shingles is gone, all the normal aches and pains at that age is non existent. He promised to go back to the original Medical Professional who told him in December 2012, that his eye disease will render him blind by June 2013***. He wants them to do the same tests as in December 2012 with a prognosis on his eyes. He will let me have the results, which I will forward to you.
This is just awesome. This man has a new lease on life now. Thanks to your incredible mind.

Warm Regards, xxxx <<<<<<<<<<<<<,
RE: Degenerative Macular Disease
Date: ***18/06/2013 19:06:03 GMT Daylight Time

Hi Jon,
Just some feed back. My patient that was told that he will be blind by June gave me a copy of his new Drivers License this week. All thanks to the hard work
you stuck to over all these years.

Take care,
Warmest Regards, xxxx <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Football Knee Injury

Cartilage problem, treated with two Lux IV gem transducer lamps containing diamonds and carnelians at 8.5 Hz.

Radiometric image of knee injury before and 24 hours after treatment

1] Infected leg from injury. Mr R. B., aged 50. October 1996. This case illustrates the effectiveness of Electronic Gem Therapy management where standard drug therapies are ruled out due to conflicting symptoms and treatments. R. B. returned from a holiday in the Canary Islands with an infected leg injury which had occurred 10 days previously. The infection was gaining ground each day with the central part of the injury becoming ulcerated. R.B. also had skin burns and contact dermatitis covering 80% of his body which was caused by a faulty domestic water supply in the holiday accommodation. The water had contained dangerously high levels of chlorine and his travelling companion had also received similar skin burns. R. B.’s doctor could not prescribe antibiotics for the leg injury because of the risk of exacerbating his dermatitis. However, he expressed his concern that, without antibiotics, the infection would spread. This view was confirmed by a second doctor.

The patient refused to use steroid creams believing the applications of creams might dissolve the toxic chloroamines (resulting from chlorine’s reaction with the skin) deeper into the dermis, making matters worse. The burning, itching and stinging sensations associated with dermatitis indicated that a cooling treatment was required.

R. B.’s dermatitis was treated using a mixture of emerald and blue sapphire in a violet-filtered lamp. The rays were directed to the top of head. The gem mixture was pulsed at a hypnotic frequency of 3.3 Hz (theta brain wave frequency). Within a few minutes the irritation and itching subsided and R. B. was in a profound state of relaxation. His infected leg was treated with yellow sapphire with a blue lamp at 8.3 Hz for 15 minutes. This treatment triggered the wound to discharge pus, subsiding the redness, swelling and pain.

On R. B.’s next visit, his dermatitis had almost cleared, although the skin was burnt and patchy. His leg injury infection had improved, and the top part of the wound had closed over. However, there was concern for the lower, ulcerated part. The wound was treated in a similar way to that of the first visit, described above. A second lamp containing stimulating diamonds with an indigo filter was first directed at the skin surrounding the injury and then through the bone from the back of the leg. This was to encourage the wound to heal from deep inside, rather than have the skin heal over a remaining infection. As the diamond treatment progressed, R. B. experienced tingling energy sensations in his leg. The result of this treatment is shown in the lower photograph..

Partial paralysis and depression following hip replacement surgery. Mrs J, aged 58, September 1996. Some 3 years previously, this lady underwent replacement surgery to her right hip; her spinal nerve being disturbed following an epidural injection. This resulted in impaired mobility of her left leg and foot, together with a cold, numb sensation. She was experiencing a foot infection, with no pain or any other sensation, her foot being cold to the touch.

J’s GP had been treating her infection with antibiotics for 9 months during which time she had developed digestive and gastric problems which she thought was due to the antibiotics. She felt debilitated and depressed but was advised, antibiotics or not, that the circulation in her foot had to be stimulated for the infection to clear up. Without blood flow, neither the body’s defence mechanisms nor the antibiotics would reach the infected tissue.

She was given calming treatment using violet lamps and blue sapphire to each side of her head. The gems were pulsed at theta brain-wave frequencies to induce a deep state of relaxation. Simultaneously her foot was energised with rubies and diamond to stimulate local circulation. Finally, her thymus gland (immune defence system) was energised with a mixture of gems, at a stimulating frequency. Her foot infection cleared and she required no further management.

Asthma and panic symptoms. Ms L. H, aged 22, December 1995. This young lady had developed asthma some years previously, while working as a lifeguard attendant at an indoor swimming baths. As a result she changed her job but, as she was preparing for an interview with a subaqua club, she returned to the pool for a swimming training session. The following day, she developed a severe asthma attack and became increasingly breathless with panic symptoms.

L.H.’s respiration was short and fast with a high heart rate, her Assemblage Point being in a high location on her right side. Due to her distressed condition, it was not appropriate to correct her alignment by shifting the Assemblage Point directly. Her symptoms were treated with the Lux II, using carnelians and diamonds, with an orange filter. The stimulating orange rays were directed onto each side of her upper back in turn, in order to energise her lungs. She was treated for 20 minutes in total. After 5 minutes of treatment, she was breathing normally. Afterwards, her Assemblage Point location was checked confirming its return to a normal location. She told us she thought she had developed an allergy to chlorine and household bleach.

Myalgic encephalitis (ME). Ms G. R., aged 26, October 1995. This educated introvert lady with a rational disposition had been suffering from ME for a number of years. She complained her general health had been gradually deteriorating, which presented as chronic tiredness, excessive menstruation, bleeding gums, sore throat and constipation. G. R. told us she was a vegetarian, had stopped taking her doctor’s prescribed medications, and tried various other therapies.

G. R.’s Assemblage Point was located; aligned at a steep downward angle veering off to the right. This had to be corrected and she required additional dielectric resonance management including a profound 30-minute relaxation therapy, using diamond and blue sapphire to her head at a brain-wave frequency of theta (3.3 Hz). This single treatment was her ‘turning point’, shortly after which G. R. took up physical exercise making a full recovery in less than a year.

Auto Immune Disease. This 54 year old patient was incapacitated and mainly confined to bed, due to various symptoms including jaundice, hypertension, vertigo, nausea, diabetes, breathlessness, hot sweating attacks, high blood pressure, mouth ulcers and conjunctivitis. The hospital specialists had no solution for this degenerating condition advising the patient to enjoy life as much as possible. On examination, the patient’s liver area was hot, sticky and inflamed, whereas the spleen area was cold and congested; the difference between the two areas being around 1.5 degrees C.

The patient’s liver was cooled down with an emerald and sapphire lamp, using a green filter and slow calming frequencies. Simultaneously the spleen was energised with a diamond and carnelian lamp, orange filter and faster low beta frequency. As the treatment proceeded, the patient’s jaundiced complexion improved, at the end of which, the patient eliminated an abnormally high volume of urine and the liver/spleen measurement had dropped to 0.02 degrees.

This patient attended a total of six appointments, the same gem lamp therapy to the liver and spleen being used each time. On each visit the patient reported significant improvements in symptoms, health and psychological mood which were noticeable to everyone who knew the patient prior to treatment. Over a period of eight weeks, the patient returned to driving, country walking, professional duties, normal family activities and so on. Nine months later, the patient’s health, personal and professional situation has returned to normal and the medications for diabetes had to be reduced. Discussion: With high blood pressure the kidneys are unable to function properly as they tend to shut down due to the pressure. Adjusting the biological energy of the liver and spleen reduced the patient’s blood pressure and the kidneys would then be able to function properly which also helped to reduce the blood pressure. Perhaps the cold and congested spleen was causing pressure due to the inflamed liver and this was causing a blockage?

Case Study: Psoriasis or Cirrhosis? This 60 year old male patient had been diagnosed with psoriasis by his doctor and the hospital and over a period of nine months, despite numerous prescribed medications, the disease had continued to gain ground and was covering perhaps some 30% of his body. The irritation was “driving him insane”. He reported that his symptoms had begun shortly after doing some repair work on a farm livestock building.

Using differential biological energy sensors calibrated to 0.025 degrees Kelvin, examination revealed that the liver temperature was 1.45 degrees higher than that of his spleen (see Figure A6.1.) Using two lamps, the patient’s liver was cooled and calmed with 40 carats of polished emeralds excited with a calming frequency of only 1.5 cycles per second for 20 minutes, by which time the liver temperature had dropped to 0.15 degree negative to the spleen. With this single treatment, his symptoms cleared up in 2 weeks and, a year later, they have not returned.

Discussion: If the liver becomes hot or inflamed, for whatever reason, perhaps it instructs and provides materials for the body to sweat. If the ambient temperature is low, then the skin will not sweat and toxins may build up in the dermis, causing itching and sore patches.

Conclusion: Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) cause unknown.

The First Infrared Differential Bioscanner (prototype built 2001)

Now superceded by the ‘Infrared Bioscanner Mk.III’

Infrared Detector (prototype) designed by Jon Whale and build by & Jon & Sharon Whale. Circa: 2001

The Infrared Detector on your left plugs into this precision Differential Meter (above) which provides accurate infrared temperature digital and analogue meter readouts. This instrument had inbuilt laboratory ISO Standard Platinum Sensors that provide precision calibration. A prototype designed by Jon Whale and build by & Jon & Sharon Whale. Circa: 2001

Radiometric image of right hand injury before and 24 hours after treatment

Mrs V.D.V., Scotland, 2000. A 54 year old hairdresser suffering from stress and psoriasis. Even after one treatment (sapphire with a violet filter at 1.5 Hz) to the sides of the head and on the oldest psoriasis patch on her back, we could see the angry red boundaries completely disappear and even out with the surrounding skin. Following the second treatment (the same protocol), new healthy skin was growing from the centre outwards. The third treatment improved on this and six months later psoriasis on the healed areas of the back had not returned, the patient’s sleep pattern also improving.

Mr J.M., Scotland, 2001. 39 year old business man had underestimated his condition developing a severe chest infection following a course of antibiotics. He was clearly uncomfortable, had difficulty with breathing, pain, blocked nose and at times a prolonged cough. Unable to sleep well and having to sit up in order to get some breath I offered to give him two free treatments as I had faith in the gem-lamp being able to bring about an improvement and help alleviate his discomfort before advising him to go to the hospital. I dealt with the pain first using blue sapphire & emerald with a green filter at 1.5 Hz on his chest, then treated his chest, nose and bronchial area with carnelians, diamonds & topaz with a blue filter at 8.5 Hz, following up with carnelians & diamonds with an orange filter at 8.5 Hz to his spleen. While on the couch his blocked nose started to clear, his pain diminished and he felt much better, so much so that he went jogging for 10 minutes that same evening! However, at the end of this he coughed up much mucus. The next day we repeated the above protocol with the recommendation to allow his body to build reserves up. To no avail, this patient went jogging again, but the cough was 60% less. Third treatment on Monday: the patient was healthy again.

Miss M.M., Scotland 2001. A 10 year old girl who had just given a public ballet performance. The make-up used brought about a terrible reaction and the urticaria were on the face and the whole body. I used a mixture of blue sapphires and emeralds with a green filter on 1.5 Hz which brought about little change. I decided to treat her spleen instead with carnelian & diamonds with an orange filter at 8.5 Hz. The recovery was remarkable, the urticaria fading as treatment was administered.

Triple Fractured Clavicle – Horse Riding Accident

Rachel Jane’s fall: “Out on a mock hunt over the Salisbury Plains last December I had a fall. On this occasion I suspected I had broken my right collarbone so the day was cut short for me with a visit to Reading Accident and Emergency Unit. The doctor examined me and sent me for x-rays. By this time I was beginning to feel racking pain in my right shoulder and neck area, as well as turning a nice shade of purple and blue across the chest area. Later, on review of the x-rays, the doctor confirmed that I had an open fracture of the right clavicle in three places. I was advised to take paracetamol for the pain and let the bone mend of its own accord with no sudden movement of the right shoulder for the coming weeks. The nurse had put my arm in a sling and I was told to return to the Fracture Clinic. The next day, the paracetamol was ineffective and I was immobilised in bed with pain and shock. Being reluctant to take any stronger medicines and having had Lux IV lamp treatment on previous occasions I was very keen to receive treatment.

At the clinic, I was given treatment with two violet lamps; one was placed directly above my collarbone and the other in the neck area where I was also suffering from a lot of pain. The total treatment was for about forty-five minutes but, as I expected, after the first ten minutes, the pain began to go away both in the collarbone and neck areas. Next I was given treatment with an orange lamp for the bruising I had suffered as a result of the injury.

The 180 miles return journey was pain free and I did not require any medication. As well as experiencing no further pain I noticed over the next few days that the bruising was rapidly disappearing. A week after my first treatment for my injury I returned for a booster treatment. After two weeks of my fall I was making very good progress and my doctors at the Fracture Clinic were very impressed. I regained movement of my right arm very quickly, and within three and a half weeks of the accident I was able to lift my right hand above my head without too much difficulty. Six weeks after the fall, I was back in the saddle again on Salisbury Plain”

1] Fore arm skin burn. Miss Kate T, aged 26. September 1997. The top photograph illustrates a skin burn caused by spillage when removing boiling baked beans from a microwave oven. The injury was treated for 30 minutes with two lamps containing a mixture of emerald and sapphire using a green filter (middle photograph). The patient reported that the burn had dried up completely by the following morning. The accelerated healing process can be seen in the lower photograph, which was taken 5 days later.

Sprained knee. The patient was a 45-year-old woman who had torn a muscle in an amateur stage production. The noise of the muscle rupture was so loud it was heard in the second row. She was promptly incapacitated and in great pain. At her first visit a few days later, she was limping very badly, all other attempts at therapy having failed. She was initially given about 20 minutes of relaxing therapy with emerald and sapphire gems at theta frequency (3.3 Hz). This patient was able to report that her pelvis underwent a shift back into the normal energetic position during this stage. Following about 30 minutes of treatment to the injured calf, all pain had vanished but a new pain had appeared in the opposite knee. This was probably due to the stress of limping and bearing all her weight on that side; this pain had necessarily been suppressed, and the lamps had melted the suppressing energy shield. A further 15 minutes on the uninjured side removed that discomfort as well, and she walked to her car without any discernible limp. The next day she phoned to say there was only mild discomfort, she was back at work.

Radiometric image of shoulder injury before and 24 hours after treatment

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