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Your Privacy

We will not disclose or circulate any communications or details about you to any third party without your written consent. Many visitors E-Mail or telephone us requesting a list of our clients. We cannot give details of any of our clients to you without their consent. We can however forward E-mails to some of our clients with your written permission.

Copyright Notice

Jon Whale asserts the moral right to be identified as the author, inventor and research development scientist of Electronic Gem Therapy® and the various associated ancillary therapies and treatment procedures, including the medical application of Assemblage Point diagnosis and correction procedures.

Please Note: Unauthorised use of Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trademarks constitute copyright infringement under sections, 16, 17 and 18 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Courtesy and Propriety for use of Jon Whale’s & Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd. Copyright and Intellectual Property and Trademark

The Text, Photographs, Images and Drawings on numerous web sites and pages and in the numerous publications written by Jon Whale are the Intellectual Property of Jon Whale licensed to Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd.

The following is not applicable to the client’s of Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd:- All Photographs, Images and Drawings are ‘Stock Images’. License charges ARE PAYABLE if they are used by any company or persons for the purposes of any business promotion on the Internet or other promotional documents or books serving the public.

License Charges may not be incurred under the following circumstances:

1) If any text, photographs, images and drawings used on the Internet for business promotion are accompanied with active outbound URL links to along with the appropriate credits to Jon Whale.

2) If any text, photographs, images and drawings used in any printed advertising brochures or leaflets or publications such as Training Handbooks, Books or other printed documents for public distribution, written credits to and Jon Whale must be provided.

3) URL Links and Credits must be shown clearly visible alongside or underneath any text, photographs, images and drawings used.

Infringement by not complying to Points 1, 2 and 3 above may incur retrospective invoices and rightful legal action.

If you would like to reproduce any of Jon Whale’s text, drawings, photographs, articles or documents, please email Jon Whale at:

© copyright Electronic Gem Therapy 2017. all rights reserved.

Electronic Gem Therapy is a Registered Trade Mark

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