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Some Examples of Practitioner’s Email & Letter Endorsement for The Stellar Delux

Dear Visitors,

Below I have inserted the text from emails and letters that were easy for me to locate. There are probably several thousands more that would be most helpful to practitioners and patients alike. When I find time I will do my utmost to include to continue adding to this page.

A special thanks to all of the contributors for taking time-out to keep me informed.

Thank you for your attention and please accept my best regards.

Sincerely, Jon Whale.

(For privacy and spam issues, the email and letter addresses including full names have been removed)

Email Endorsement from a nurse using the Stellar Delux in a small offshore island community with limited local medical & no veterinary services:

Date: 07/08/2014 22:25:51 GMT Daylight Time. From: Reply To: To:

Dear Jon,

This is how I find your Stellar Delux.

The most remarkable results I have found to stem from the realignment of the Assemblage Point with the 7 gem lamp treatment; plus a Diamond and carnelian Lamp on the spleen. People who have had deep trauma in their lives have been changed in 1 –2 treatments and it has provided a platform for further improvements to physical and mental conditions.

Acute deep tissue injury has responded fast in an average of 2 treatments 6-12 hrs apart with a lamp containing sapphires and emeralds and a green filter with bleeding being arrested.

The bliss treatment (Lamps containing sapphires and a violet filter on the temples ) is brilliant for anxiety and again preparing the ground for further treatments.

I have used it on infections in horses hooves and dogs paws and wet eczema; animals cannot lie or have preconceptions of outcomes. Lamp with Sapphires and emeralds, green filter.

Daily treatment for contact dermatitis of the hands has yielded good results long standing eczema on the eyes disappeared after 2 treatments. Sapphires and emeralds, green filter.

IBS was calmed in two treatments but probably will require monthly top ups. Sapphires and emeralds, Green Automatic Switch.

Arthritic type pain requires regular top ups but works well; Sapphires and emeralds, green filter.

Ankylosing spondylitis pain responds quickly but needs regular top ups.

ME benefits from spleen boosts. Diamonds and carnelians, orange filter.

In short medical conditions which do not respond well to conventional treatment can be solved rapidly by the Stellar Dulux Instrument.

I only acquired mine in February and you can see what a wide range of cases I have treated.

The list is endless.

Kind Regards


From South Africa

Date: 10/05/2013 11:37:49 GMT, Daylight Time From:, Reply To:

Hi Jon,

My 80 year old Shingles patient, just phoned me, he had his eyes tested. He was given an OK by his Eye Specialist, with a form to re-apply for his driver’s license!

The man is over the moon! His Shingles is gone, all the normal aches and pains at that age is non existent. He promised to go back to the original Medical Professional who told him in December 2012, that his eye disease will render him blind by June 2013. He wants them to do the same tests as in December 2012 with a prognosis on his eyes. He will let me have the results, which I will forward to you.

This is just awesome. This man has a new lease on life now. Thanks to your incredible mind.

Warm Regards



RE: Degenerative Macular Disease

Date: 18/06/2013 19:06:03 GMT Daylight Time. To:

Hi Jon,

Just some feed back. My patient that was told that he will be blind by June gave me a copy of his new Drivers License this week. All thanks to the hard work you stuck to over all these years.

Also, I treated a guy with shingles, he has been to 2 different skin specialists – thousands of rand later, he reluctantly came to see me, his son insisted. Treated him once (spleen and thymus) and the itching stopped. Two days later treated him again and he is “cured”.

You have created a miracle! Do you know that Dr Whale.

Take care

Warmest Regards



Hi Jon,

Thanks for the feed back. I have two people on my six week trial weight loss program with the EGT lamps.

The woman, 42 two years old, approx 28 kgs overweight, has picked up no weight during Xmas and new year celebrations, as in South Africa this is the season to be jolly, since everybody is on annual leave. The 3rd week she lost 2.8 kgs. I did not change anything she consumes at all.

The man is 67 years old, approx 35kgs overweight, he has not picked up any weight during celebration time. The 3rd week he los 1.7kgs, none of his intake was changed either.

They both have borderline sugar problems. reading: 4.9 for both. They both have a thyroid problems. Blood pressure normal for both.

Assemblage point correction with carnelians and diamonds to chest and back.

Once A Week: Carnelians and diamonds on spleen @ 20hz for 20 min. Thyroid mix on Thyroid @ 20hz for 20 min. Your suggestion to calm down the tummy and the throat chakra @ 1.5hz with green filter for 30min using emeralds and sapphires..

I will keep you updated. I originally thought to do this just for 6 weeks, but I will do it for three months on these two people to have proper info to give feedback to you.

My fondest regards to you and your loved ones.


In a message dated 02/12/2014 14:08:34 GMT Standard Time,,

Subject: Treatment of Optic nerve

Dear Jon Whale

Thank you for your fast response. According to the final hospital report my left eye, loss of vision was associated with optic nerve swelling the cause of which could not be determined.

The optic left disc is pale and thinned indicating that it has swollen and bled. Otherwise the eye appears to be normal. Nothing else seems to have been affected.

Age 70, Height 5’9″, Weight 10at 8lbs. No other conditions, No current medication

I do take regular herbal health support of my own formulation. I can come to Seaton by train to Exeter and then by a local bus (two routes) to Seaton. I am hoping to be able to finish the journey on foot. Looking forward to meeting you


Eddie, Sent from my iPad………………..


Subject: Treatment of Optic nerve

Date: 19/01/2015 15:28:56 GMT Standard Time, From:, Reply To:

Hello Jon and Sharon

There has been a lasting improvement in my vision.

The sight in the right eye is definitely slightly sharper and that in the left more ‘stable’.

Taken together I am more comfortable with my vision and don’t get as tired as before.

Would it be possible to continue treatment, perhaps another visit at the end of February?

Best regards to you both

Eddie, Sent from my iPad……………….


Date: 27/03/2015 18:56:40 GMT Standard Time, From:, Reply To:

Hello Sharon and Jon

It was good to receive treatment again and the outcome has been positive.

The ankle is completely cured! No more being wobbly going down steps and no trouble going up steps two at a time. In fact I just forgot about it. Amazing,

I was able to read some of the train information signage at the railway station. There were some other things confirming an improvement and reading with the lens is now quicker and easier.

The hernia has responded well. I tested it last night and found that actions that caused it bulge before no longer did so. It seemed even better this morning. However, it is a significant but not a complete healing.

Could we meet again at the end of March or the beginning of April to progress further with the treatment?

On the Brochure you posted to me a while back there is an offer of a free eBook of the Naked Spirit. If that offer is still open I would very much like to receive a copy.

My best regards

Eddie. Sent from my iPad……………….

(Letter received by email attachment on 2nd January 2010.)

Dear Jon,

In my practice as a doctor I’ve been using STELLAR DELUX for three years now as a single therapy or in combination with other treatments, mostly homeopathy for instance. I’m happy about the amazing results I’ve achieved with a great number of patients with various conditions, both acute and chronic. This calls for a systematic analysis of the results, which I plan to make in the near future.

I would like to share with you something personal that happened to me. On 23rd November 2009 I had a road accident. As a result, I was in a state of shock, accompanied by amnesia about the crash and multiple injuries and bruises all over my body. The X-ray showed fractured pelvis without dislocation, fractured left hand thumb, as well as a cut on the head, massive haematomes on both wrists, on the calves, ankles and feet, and in the area of the right shoulder. My own judgement and that of my colleagues was that I didn’t need to be hospitalized.

I started treatment with Stellar Delux immediately. As I wasn’t able to stand or sit, it wasn’t possible to locate the Assemblage point. I started calming therapy with blue sapphires and violet filter at a frequency of 3. 3 Hz on both sides of the head. It was followed by treatment with blue sapphires and emeralds, green filter at a frequency of 1.5 Hz on all injured areas. The difference in temperatures was established with the help of the Infrared Bioscanner. On the 3rd day it was necessary to energize the spleen with carnelians and diamonds with orange filter at 8.5Hz. That gave me a tremendous energy boost. On that same day I managed with help of others to put my feet on the ground and almost step on them.

During the next few days similar treatments followed in accordance to the infrared scanning results. My condition was quickly improving and on the 10th day I was sitting in a wheelchair and examining patients.

Everything I have experienced and described so far is just a small glimpse of the LUX IV potential.

Personally, I am extremely grateful to that twist of fate by which I met you.

Now I have the exceptional opportunity to help not only myself but all my patients as well. I do my best to make this method known to as many people as possible.

I hope that the correction the assemblage point location will help all those people who have the awareness and wish to improve their physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Thank you for entrusting this unique treatment method to me and for the opportunity to work with the Stellar Delux.

Kind regards,

Dr P…. T…..

From a letter dated 30th September 2009

Dear Jon,

I have been using the Lux Gem Light healing device for five years. I find it very helpful and free of any side effects.

I have used it to treat back problems with excellent results. It is stunningly effective in helping and even curing asthmatic patients.

Recently in contracted spinal stenosis, the healing was amazingly rapid using the Lux machine, plus for psychotherapy.


Prof. H. R. W. M.D.

To Be Continued

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