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Training and Certification For Lux IV, Stellar Delux, Infrared Biocanner

Training Is Free For All Our Instrument Clients

We have supplied the Lux IV & Stellar Delux to many countries. For nurses or practitioners professionally trained in a medical, scientific or other regulated disciplines, the Lux IV & Stellar Delux are very obvious and easy to use. The colour Operating and Training Handbook contains an A-Z disease/symptoms index, and is sufficiently comprehensive and easy to understand without the need for special training.

For qualified and regulated professionals, you will be able to make immediate use of the Lux IV & Stellar Delux for your patients following delivery. Telephone and e-mail backup is available.

For Lux IV and Stellar Delux users, we can and do provide training for the instrument, as well as the Assemblage Point and radiometric and thermal diagnostic methods. If required we can supply Certificates fo the training. The two programs and certificates are:

A) 1) Colour Therapy. 2) Electronic Gem Therapy. 3) Infrared Thermal Diagnostics. 4) Assemblage Point Management.

B) 1) Dynamic Clinical Radiometric Thermal Diagnostics. 2) Primary Dielectric Resonance Management Procedures for the Lux IV Medical Lamps. 3) Radical Complementary Push – Pull Lux IV Clinical Management Strategies. 4) Fundamental Clinical Assemblage Point Diagnostic and Management Procedures.

Assemblage Point Training & Certification Only

If you would like training for manually locating and correcting the Assemblage Point and you do not own or wish to purchase our Electronic Gem Therapy Instruments the price is Sterling £350.00.

This price includes a Certificate that will enable you to obtain malpractice insurance as well as membership to various Complementary Medicine Trading Associations and Institutions such as the Institute Of Complementary & Natural Medicine (ICNM), (CMA), Etc. Please note that there are numerous Malpractice Insurance Companies that will accept our certificates.

Below is an example of one of our certificates shown worded for ‘Assemblage Point Training’. Training Certificates for Electronic Gem Therapy and Infra-Red Diagnostics are also available.

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