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An Overview of Jon Whale’s Work from 1980 to 2017


Jon Whale at Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK, 2001

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Jon Whale at St. Enogat, France 2008

This page provides some historical particulars of three decades of work-up relating to the research and development of the latest Stellar Delux Electronic Gem Therapy instrumentation. Also, listed are the most recent books containing detailed instructions for locating and correcting the location and entry angle of the Human Assemblage Point.

Included on the left hand side of this page for ease of reference, are outbound links to numerous pages of whalemedical.com. These web pages provide comprehensive information about Electronic Gem Therapy and the Human Assemblage Point. Also there, can be found several free downloads of helpful published papers and related documents.

Today, trading on Jon’s work, published on the Internet and elsewhere there are many web pages, videos and books about man’s Assemblage Point, Electronic Gem Therapy and Crystal Light Therapy. Jon Whale’s work and publications are the root source of the information on these and any related products or services provided,.

These web sites, books and publications display either direct copies of his text, drawings and photographic images or manipulated versions of them. Some of these web sites and publications provide links and references direct to Jon’s work, whereas others omit these and do not list any courtesy linking or references.

For those readers and researches that wish to back-track further in time than provided below, by clicking on the book title links on the left hand side of this page, there can be found several hundreds of Jon’s source references and recommended reading material going back to the late 1960’s and beyond.

Two Acclaimed Books by Jon Whale
(paperback & full colour Ebooks)

Naked Spirit – The Supernatural Odyssey

Subtitled: The Physical, Psychological, Emotional & Spiritual Maps for Health & Disease. Including The Assemblage Point Blueprints.

Supported with almost 300 illustrations.

Above: Jon Whale
& King Alfonso The Learned

From Amazon Book Reviews: This volume, Naked Spirit, excels in its approach. Written by Dr. Jon Whale, this is a serious (but highly readable) publication that addresses the spirit of mankind and the interactions with the body along the way. With lots of references (we appreciate the detailed index; why do so many books no longer have detailed indexes to make it easier for us to locate topics later we want to return to???) and the “ring of truth” appears throughout Dr. Whale’s words throughout the whole book. The thing I got most out of it was an understanding of the Assemblage Point and how its energy works. Dr. Whale gets down to the atomic level in his discussion (believe me, you do NOT need a science degree to understand it though!) and he uses ample figures throughout. By understanding this fundamental point, you will be better (physically and mentally) AND your interactions with others will begin to improve immediately. There IS a supernatural world and it’s not “out there” but it’s all around us. The sooner we understand how it works, the sooner we can address real problems such as health, crime, and the welfare of societies.

The Catalyst Of Power – The Assemblage Point of Man

This book was first published by Findhorn Press in 2001. It sold out by 2003 and the second edition was published 3 years later by Dragon Rising in 2006, the first Findhorn edition contained some fundamental errors and misunderstandings.

The 2nd edition contained additional corrected drawings and new information. It was a great improvement over the first edition.

The third edition was published in 2009, it was also converted into a full colour Ebook. Many additional drawings and photographs were added to provide detailed helpful information and techniques for locating and correcting the Human Assemblage Point.

Since 2002, Sharon Whale was the principle copy editor & contributor of the 2nd & 3rd editions of the Catalyst book & Naked Spirit.

Above: Sharon Whale under King Alfonso The Learned

From Amazon Book Reviews: The Catalyst of Power is an amazing book filled to the brim with information about the assemblage point, its location, shifting positions and healing methods. One will find this information highly valuable for the practitioner. Carlos Castaneda talked of the assemblage point in his books but never really described how to apply such practices. His shifts were usually always in the company of Don Juan and most of the time out of his own aware control.

This book goes into great detail of what the assemblage point is, how it operates, shifts and functions to form our point of reality around us. This makes a great addition to the Castaneda books and fills in most of the needed gaps left out of his writings about the assemblage point and its location. Also readers should take note that Whale wrote another book called Naked Sprit that also explains many interesting occurrences and energetic patterning throughout the Human Body. I highly recommend them both.

The Catalyst of Power book’s originalmanuscript was first published as a spiralbound monograph entitled: The Shaman’s Blow in 1997.

A Page from a gem stone medical & astrological
book by the 12th Century Spanish King Alfonso X el Sabio.
This book was acquired by Jon Whale in 1989.

Images of the Catalyst of Power book’s translations

Langauges Left to Right:
Dutch 1st Edition
Dutch 2nd Edition

The Human Assemblage Point And Our Health

The idea that how we behave and how we feel might be beyond our rational control is largely unbelievable to most healthy people. Such people are extremely fortunate as they have a stable, near central Assemblage Point. This idea is acceptable and can be easily comprehended by anyone us who has experienced any of the following:

1) Serious accident, bereavement, disease, fever, tragedy, chronic stress or depression.
2) Distressed or oppressed childhood, rape or sexual assault, violent intimidation. kidnapping, abduction, enslavement.
3) Self laceration, mutilation or poisoning, attempted suicide, substance and drug. indulgence, drug overdose, mental institution.
4) Mugging, robbery, burglary, fraud, identity theft.
5) Genocide, war, terrorism, homicide, torture, post military combat trauma, imprisonment.
6) Physical or psychological intimidation, interrogation, brainwashing.
7) Betrayal, financial or legal intimidation, blackmail, malicious divorce, bankruptcy, redundancy, home repossession, arrest, prosecution.

Under any of these circumstances many people can undergo a serious or seemingly permanent change of their mood or even a personality change. They may also develop physical symptoms and illness. This may eventually lead to more serious disease. Any of these incident types can and do cause an involuntary shift of the Assemblage Point possibly to a dangerous location.

Image above on the Left: The original map drawn by Jon Whale showing of approximate Assemblage Point locations for numerous symptoms.
Image above on the Right: The schematic illustrates the human energy field. As the energy field is oscillating, it has a central vortex which is called the Assemblage Point.

Drawn by Jon Whale, the Images above were first published in 1996 by the Positive Health Magazine

Image above, Left: Determining the entry angle and location of the Assemblage Point. Image above, Centre: Using a specially machined quartz crystal to correct the entry angle and location of the Assemblage Point. Image above, Right: Two examples of Assemblage Point shifting crystals.

Please Note: These methods were employed in the 1980’s and early 1990’s prior to the development of Electronic Gem Therapy. Although establishing the entry angle and location is most helpful for diagnostic purposes, manual Assemblage Point correction is not possible for children, the elderly and for those with chronic illness. They are unable to cooperate effectively to assist in the procedure. Today, we correct the Assemblage Point by treating the symptoms using the Lux IV or Stellar Delux instruments known as Electronic Gem Therapy.

Toroidal Structures of The Human Assemblage Point

The Images below by Jon Whale are from the 3rd Edition of a book by Jon Whale entitled: The Catalyst of Power – The Assemblage Point of Man. 3rd Edition. This book is available in paperback and as a full colour ebook.

Assemblage Point Energy Torus

Typical Healthy Male Assemblage Point Location front view

Male Assemblage Point Location showing the Energy Torus

Male Assemblage Point viewed from above

Unhealthy Dropped Assemblage Point Location side view

Typical Healthy Female Assemblage Point Location
front view

Female Assemblage Point Location side view showing the Energy Torus

Female Assemblage Point Location viewed from above

Assemblage Point Angle Variations showing the Energy Torus

(or see the Table of Contents on the right)

The Human Assemblage Point for Health
How to Shift the Assemblage Point
Assemblage Point Shifting Crystals

Electronic Gem Therapy™ Using the Lux IV or Stellar Delux

The Automatic Stellar Delux (& Lux IV) instruments with push button treatment selection. The Stellar Delux (& Lux IV) are the result of some twenty five years of research and development. For practitioners using the Lux IV or the Stellar Delux, the patient’s experience is always very pleasant, regardless of their symptoms being treated. As they receive treatment, over 90% of patients report relief from their pain, irritations, uncomfortable or distressing feelings, emotions and symptoms.

The Lux IV & Stellar Delux instruments do not use any consumables. They incorporate all of the latest European Union regulations for medical apparatus and is compliance certified.

With Push Button treatment selection, the Automatic Lux IV & Stellar Delux has been designed for easy, confident application for the many differing symptoms and conditions patients can present.

Some examples that Electronic Gem Therapy can manage: Acne, Addiction, Allergies, Alopecia, Anaemia , Anorexia, Anxiety & Panic, Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Bacterium Infections, Backache, Bedsores, Blindness, Blood Pressure, Blood Disorders, Bronchitis, Burns, Candida, Catarrh, Cartilage Problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Coma, Conjunctivitis, Cystitis, Depression, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Eczema, Epilepsy, Eye Injuries/Infections, Hay Fever, Heart Disease, Herpes, Hepatitis, Hypertension, Hypotension, Iatrogenic Disease, Influenza, Injuries, Insomnia, I.B.S, Jaundice, Laryngitis, Leg Ulcers, Ligament Injuries, M.E., M.S., Migraine, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Oedema, Pain, Paralysis, Parkinson’s Disease, Phlebitis, Pleurisy, P.M.T., Psoriasis, Pressure Ulcers, Prolapse Disc, Repetitive Strain Injury, Rheumatism, Senile Dementia, Scleroderma, Sclerosis, Sciatica, Shingles, Stress, Stroke, Thrombosis, Viral Infections, etc.

The Stellar Delux

Image 1: This instrument was designed by Jon Whale on the Isle of Sark, Channel Islands, UK in 2005. At the same time the manuscript for the Naked Spirit book was conceived which required four years to complete. The manufacturing production for the Stellar Delux commenced in 2006. It superceded the Lux IV with improved Automatic Treatment frequencies.

Image 2:  Shows treatment for a prolapsed disc with chronic mobility problems and intense back and leg pain. Two Gem Stone Transducer Lamps are used to target each side of the prolapse. Each Lamps contain around 30 carats of dark emeralds & blue sapphires with a deep green filter. The third lamp targeting the prolapse contains 30 carats of diamonds and carnelians with an orange filter. The gemstones in all three lamps are electronically excited at 1,5 Hz (Delta Brainwave frequencies for pain relief).

Image 3:  Shows ‘Bliss’ treatment – inducing profound relaxation physically and emotionally. Two Gem Stone Transducer Lamps are used to target each side of the head. Each Lamp contains around 30 carats of dark blue sapphires with a deep violet filter. The sapphires are electronically excited at 3,3 Hz (Theta Brainwave frequencies, for relaxation & dreaming).

Image 4: Shows treatment for a skin burn. Two Gem Stone Transducer Lamps are used to target the injury. Each Lamps contain around 30 carats of dark emeralds & blue sapphires with a deep green filter. The gemstones are electronically excited at 1,5 Hz (Delta Brainwave frequencies for pain relief).

The Lux IV

Image 5: This is the Lux IV instrument. It was designed by Jon Whale in The Lake District UK, in 1999. It superceded the Caduceus Lux III with the addition of a treatment timer that automatically switched off treatment after a preset time. Although this addition at the time was not considered necessary for clinical work, the main reason for including the timer was for treatment at nighttime in bed, to switch off the instrument after a preset period of time, allowing the user to go to sleep whilst receiving treatment. The details of the Lux IV are retained on Whale Medical’s web pages as there are many of them out in the world providing good service with an extraordinary track record. It is represented in many publication and web sites.

Images 6: Shows a desktop Infrared Differential Scanner Meter Mk II and the latest Hand Held model, Mk III which superceded the desktop version in 2009. The Infrared scanner being very accurate and sensitive with +/- 1.0 degree Celsius Full Scale Deflection. It is used to measure the infrared emissions from injuries, diseased, infected organs and tissue etc. to determine the type of gem stones required for treatment. It can be used before, throughout and after treatment. It indicates the effectiveness of the treatment when used following treatment.

Image 7: Shows a prototype Infrared Differential Scanner Meter with analogue and digital readouts. This precision calibrated instrument was constructed in the year 2002. It also supported two precision platinum body temperature probes. Containing two types of differential measurement and being very accurate it provided the platform for Jon Whale’s infrared differential diagnostics research.

The Caduceus Lux Mk III

Image 8: This model replaced the Mk II version (below) in 1998. Only 3 were manufactured as it was upgraded to the Lux IV to include the On/Off Treatment Timer.

The Caduceus Lux Mk II

Image 9: Constructed in 1996, only four Mk II’s were built. It was also quickly discontinued as it required manual setting of the frequency output used to excite the gem stones. In a busy clinic environment, manual setting of the frequencies proved too complicated for the average therapist.

The Caduceus Lux Mk I

Image 10: This model was constructed in 1994. Only two were built. Enclosed in a large desktop plastic case and light weight, it was quickly discontinued after Jon Whale embarrassingly snagged his foot on one of the transducer lamp cables pulling it and crashing onto the clinic floor. Also it was realized that the plastic case could not dissipate the heat generated by the high power amplifiers necessary to excite the gem stones. The case warped due to the heat generated by the amplifiers.

Caduceus Gold Seven Gem Stone Chakra Energiser (1990)

Images Above left to right:   24 carat gold plated, this Seven Gem Stone Chakra Energiser designed by Jon Whale in 1989. The gem stones are inserted inside seven glass bulb transducers and are electronically excited at seven different harmonised frequencies. The usual Gem stone line up is: 1) Rubies for Base Chakra. 2) Carnelians for the Spleen Chakra. 3) Citrines for the Navel Chakra. 4) Emeralds for the Heart Chakra. 5) Yellow Sapphires for the Throat Chakra. 6) Diamonds for the Brow Chakra. 7) Blue Sapphire for the Crown Chakra.

Lying under the Caduceus Gold  induced genuinely pleasant energies into the whole body. These could be, by adjusting the frequencies, induce profound relaxation or boosted physical and mental energy levels.

Only a small number of instruments were manufactured. It was discontinued when the healing properties of the Lux instruments mentioned above became apparent. At that time, Jon Whale was concerned that the esoteric principles of the Chakras, largely disbelieved by conventional medical practitioners would handicap the reputation of the medical applications of his Electronic Gem Therapy work. This precaution was unnecessary as to this day, man’s disbelief still persists. Jon has retained two illuminated models that are still in working order.

Prototype Gem Stone Chakra Energiser (1980’s)

Images Above left to right:  1) Jon’s first attempt at constructing a seven Chakra Gem Stone Energiser. 2)  A simple schematic of the electronic instrument that excited each gem stone transducer at seven different specific frequencies related to each Chakra. 3) Another prototype illuminated Charkra energiser. This instrument’s gem stone transducers were filled with natural crystals or shattered pieces of the seven gem stone minerals (mentioned above). The crystals and gem minerals were electronically excited. Colored light was included to further excite the gem stones or crystals so as to obtain the maximum dielectric resonance output from the crystalline minerals.

At this time the equipment was referred to as Crystal Light Therapy or Crystal Color Therapy. Several models were built. These 1980’s and early 1990’s instruments were the forerunners of today’s Crystal Bed Therapy instruments.

Clients reported the following after thirty minutes of relaxation under the Caduceus Seven Chakra Energizer:

Profound relaxation
Soothing of the mind and thoughts
Reduction and release of negative emotions
Improved physical and mental energy
Elevation of mood with an expansion of consciousness
Assemblage Point ‘entry angle’ realignment

Followed by: Improvement in sleep and dreaming rhythms along with a reduction of day time stress, anxiety and pain.

These early instruments were discontinued being replaced by the more powerful and effective Lux IV and Stellar Delux series.

The Birth Place of Electronic Gem Therapy

Image above left: The birth place of Electronic Gem Therapy. In 1986 Jon required peace and quiet to concentrate on his work and purchased an old caravan and surrounding land. He departed from his West London residence in a pick up truck loaded with tools, materials, electric generator and computers to live a simple and isolated existence.

The title deeds referred to it as ‘The Old Turbine House’ which can be seen behind the caravan. It is located in Happy Valley, Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Adjacent to the land was a disused lead mine with tunnels excavated deep into the mountain side. The large two meter diameter white quartz crystal shown in the right picture is a grand example of the material discarded from the mining process. This crystal weighing several tons lay a few meters away from his bed on the opposite north side of the brook.

Within days of his arrival, with no distraction, he entered Satori/Samadhi states of consciousness and proceeded to design and construct the seven Chara instrument.

Labyrinths of the Human Assemblage Point Oil Paintings by Jon Whale
The paintings are entirely symbolic.
Extracts from the book entitled:
Naked Spirit- The Supernatural Odyssey by Jon Whale

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